I’m A Celebrity 2013: 21 November

Joey gets dunked in water. I wonder if Rebecca peed in it?

The camps merge and the 10 are together at last. For now, because two more – Vincent Simone and Annabel Giles – are coming in shortly.

Trial three – Submerged.

Victim of public voting once again led Joey to a trial titled with a long word he didn’t really understand. Joey got bunged in HMS Jungle – a submarine – and he had to swim around searching for stars, obviously not alone. Crocodiles, lizards and lots more. Like Yabbies which even I had to Google. Weird looking things.

In the end, the brave soul (seriously, props to him) managed seven stars meaning seven meals.

Other things

Amy and Joey shower at the same time (I hasten to use ‘together’).

Lucy sparks debate about beauty queen credentials leaving Amy defending her livelihood and Rebecca worrying over her appearance. Lucy summarised a fantastic book by Naomi Wolf entitled ‘The Beauty Myth’ (not explicitly, it’s a good book though) and Rebecca opened up about her insecurities and how vile Twitter trolls can be.

Steve and David took part in the Dingo Dollar Challenge in which they had to complete a fun task in order to win a treat for camp. Named ‘Money Laundering’, the duo had to wash clothes and ring them out to get the water down a tube and do the washing machine. I must say, this game looked hysterical. The treat: marshmallows!

Tomorrow’s bush tucker trial: Amy Willerton.


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