I’m A Celebrity 2013: 20 November

In which Joey and Matthew do a trial. Again.

Up To Your Neck In It

Joey and Matthew stand in a separate giant hourglass things buried up to their necks by critters and stuff. Ugh. Extremely different from the eating horror from the other day, so arguably better than that, but Joey cites claustrophobia which seems to give the impression he’d rather the eating!

Again, Matthew loses by just a tiny bit – a second, to be precise. Poor yellow camp. And he got a cricket in his ear for his trying.

Highlights included Joey asking what millipedes do…like they are going to start performing the conga or something and Matthew’s sense of humour.

I guess Joey Essex can count! He used to count ‘all the time’.

Clash of the Camps

Joey was puzzled from the off here after not knowing what ‘clash’ meant and then decided he wouldn’t want to do the memory challenge. Rebecca went for the physical and Steve for strategy (another word that stumped Joey).

Meanwhile, for the yellows, Lucy and David are off on the mental challenge against red Laila and Steve. The mental challenge was called Animal Code Breakers and was a game of strategy and skill.  Each team had to work out the correct combination of animal shapes, in the minimum amount of time. Steve single-handedly aced the thing and red Snake Rock won!

Croc Creek got back in the games as they won the physical challenge. Rebecca and Alfonso crashed out early while Kian and Joey battled to the end with Kian winning and winning a meal.

Matthew and Amy, lastly, played a memory game competing for luxury items. Amy won the first, Matthew won the next three and Amy won the last one. Prizes included toothpicks for Steve, Lucy’s pillow, Becca’s blanket and an electric razor for David.

Shame it went on for ever as opposed to ten minutes.

Other things

Amy washed Joey’s hair in the creek (that sounds horribly euphemistic).

Joey can’t blow his nose – thanks to camp he now knows how!

Joey managed to offend Rebecca by insinuating that Amy is the only ‘fit’ one in camp.

Emotions are running high as the two camps are soon to become one.

Steve fell over.

Alfonso cried.

Joey’s doing another trial tomorrow.


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