I’m A Celebrity 2013: 18 November

The second trial, the first eating task and a bit of sunshine.

Trial two – Monday Night Takeaway – Matthew Wright and Joey Essex

The two elects are very hungry by now and both raring to go. The due would go head-to-head in five ‘takeaway’ themed Bush Tucker dishes. The winner would take it all.

‘The Wicked Wok’ – both contestants ate a portion of pig brain.

‘The Foul Fish Shop’ – the twosome eat penis. Ostrich penis.

‘Curry Frights’ – chow down on some camel toe, lads.

The-Un-Upper-Thai-Sing’ – scorpions for both!

‘The Screaming Tower of Pizza’ – two testicles. Both eating.

After a brilliant display of perseverance for the both of them, Joey downed his drink before Matthew which meant a win for him red team.

Other things

Amy Willerton grabbed a spot of sunshine along with Rebecca Adlington and Laila Morse.

Alfonso Ribeiro and David Emanuel both (separately) met Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

Joey Essex still had a nice smell from his aftershave.

Swimmer Rebecca Adlington admitted peeing in a pool prompting Steve Davis to pretend he had relieved himself in the camp pool.

Model-and-z-lister Amy Willerton taught Essex’s answer to Einstein (I never said Albert) how to tell the time because – in the absence of his phone – he is lost. Joey Essex is baffled by the 24 hour clock but I think he’s catching on. Anyway, these two are probably going to be the will-they-won’t-they this year (they won’t).


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