Strictly Come Dancing 2013: week eight results

Bye bye from the bright lights of Blackpool.

At least, a professional opener I can honestly say I really enjoyed! Bit of a rocky start with the ‘competition’ announcements from Craig and Len but a great mix of dances, with lovely dresses, and then a cameo from all the celebrities (although this was a bit Batmitzvah parade).  Amazing fun.

Tess Daly dressed as the pink Quality Street for this evening’s proceedings. She was also wearing a variation of the same dress for Children In Need the other evening!


Susanna & Kevin, Abbey & Aljaž and Ashley & Ola.

First off, Mark & Iveta are in the dance-off.

Andre Rieu

Accompanied by Iveta and Anton dancing beautifully. So much so that I got a little teary.

I do miss Erin though…

That horrid section where they still try to make that Len’s Lens thing happen

Darcey did a funny dance, the kids at the beginning were cute, Susanna & Kevin did a fantastic Paso, Darcey swooned over Ben’s body, Artem is great, Abbey let out a yelp during her routine and Susanna got some 10s.


Patrick & Anya, Sophie & Brendan, Natalie & Artem and Ben & Kristina.

Leaving Fiona & Anton in the dance-off.


I swear they’d broken up? Or is that after the tour at the end of the year? They’re on television more than ever lately!

Anyway, they sung. Well, I use that word loosely.


Birthday boy Mark & Iveta who-vill-crush-you went up first with their fast and fun jive to Hairspray. Out of all the Latin dances, the Jive has probably got to fit him best. He put him heart and soul into it giving a good show.

Fiona & Anton go next and so do the other professional dancers who fancy a couple of minutes on air. Fiona still looking dazed and a bit like the mother-of-the-bride not really with it. Seemed to stay closer to Anton this time – as if to have actually listened to last night’s comments – but we’ll have to see if she did enough.

But it appears she didn’t because Fiona Fullerton and Anton Du Beke leave the competition after three votes go to Mark & Iveta.

Next week: back to Elstree.

Meanwhile: Win a signed Kristina Rihanoff calendar!


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