I’m A Celebrity 2013: 17 November

Show one of this year’s run in which we meet the celebrities glutton for punishment this year and begin their torture.

Iceland are still sponsoring the programme – which is fair because eating their food is actually akin to a Bush Tucker Trial. 

Everybody met on a yacht and immediately declared what they really hate (everything in the jungle) thus begins the public citing who we shall elect for what torture.

Except this year starts with four celebrities setting out to rescue the other celebrities. But first they have to jump out of a plane (eek). Steve Davis goes first and exclaims ‘Gee Whiz!’, Lucy Pargeter screams and talks about god a lot, Alfonso Ribeiro and Joey Essex are equally as nervous but Alfonso bites the bullet and ends up having an amazing experience in the end whereas Joey whinges for three hours beforehand (public victim now?) and makes sex noises all the way to the bottom (mind, at least he didn’t bottle it).

Steve mused that Joey would become the laughing stock of Essex if he failed to jump. Which I thought was a cute thing to say because it implies that he isn’t already just that.

The teams

The duos run through the barren island. Joey/Steve reach the first checkpoint ahead of Lucy/Alfonso. They pick Rebecca Adlington to join their team and run off just as the yellows claim Kian Egan. Joey, Steve and Rebecca reach the second checkpoint and take Amy Willerton off with them and so the lagging behind yellows get Matthew Wright. Joey, Steve, Rebecca and Amy pick Laila Morse and remaining David Emanuel becomes a yellow.

In a more coherent format…

Red team:  Joey Essex, Steve Davis, Amy Willerton, Laila Morse, Rebecca Adlington.

Yellow team:  Lucy Pargeter, Alfonso Ribeiro, Kian Egan, Matthew Wright, David Emanuel.

The losing yellow team had to spend their first night on the show on the deserted Stradbroke Grove Island while the victorious reds enjoyed one more night of luxury comfort in the hotel.

The yellows later ended up setting up camp in Croc Creek – the so-called nicer one – after winning the first task leaving the reds to settle down in Snake Rock. 

Turntable of terror

Trial number one (which was called Rotten Roulette in a past life) channeled Noah’s Ark as the celebrities took on tasks in twos as they experienced the hell of critters delight and awful challenges. One red and one yellow campmate were trapped in a box with critters (chosen by Ant and Dec’s ‘wheel of doom’) while trying to complete a star puzzle.

Pair up! It’s time to get acquainted with critters and furry friends (winner in bold)…

Laila and David joined by cockroaches.

Amy and Matthew joined by snakes.

Rebecca and Kian joined by rats.

Steve and Alfonso joined by scorpions.

Joey and Lucy joined by lizards.

One meal for the red team and four for the yellows. Lucy decided not to attempt the puzzle so as to allow the red team to win some food after Kian had suggested it may be a nice idea to throw it.

Stormy sorrow

The jungle experienced one of the biggest storms in the programme’s entire run.  As the water levels rose, producers had to consider whether they would need to evacuate the camps.  Production staff had to stay in their buildings and that rickety old bridge was out of action during the midst.  The storm took nine cameras and the internet connections down with it. Come on Mother Nature, I know the show can be dire straits some of the time but at least wait a few days before trying to cut us all off.

Other things

Singer Kian Egan got the first tic of the series and Medic Bob got his first outing of the series to remove it.

Fashion designer David Emanuel had a birthday.

Joey Essex tried to make ‘confrontate’ into a thing. Oh no wait, he actually thought that was the word. Oy vey zmir.

Amy Willerton ‘loves camping and being at one with nature’. Really? Sounds like something a beauty queen may say! Oh wait…

Matthew Wright and Joey Essex will face tomorrow evening’s trial – Monday Night Takeaway.


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  1. Iceland are still sponsoring the programme – which is fair because eating their food is actually akin to a Bush Tucker Trial. “BRILLIANT” (As Claudia would say!)


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