Strictly Come Dancing 2013: week seven results

In which we finally get a good elimination.

The Puppini Sisters sing for us while the professional dancers do some dancing. I think we’re going for the wartime look but it’s more air crew.


Susanna & Kevin, Patrick & Anya and Abbey & Aljaž.

Dave & Karen are in the dance-off.

Judges and Len’s Lens

Susanna was good, Anya had a wardrobe malfunction, Abbey was amazing.


Sophie & Brendan, Ben & Kristina, Ashley & Ola and Fiona & Anton.

Putting Mark & Iveta in the dance-off.

Probably the first week the dance-off has been totally correct.

The Tenors

Janette and Aljaž do a really emotive dance but I think maybe a remembrance montage could have been better here. Or both. Especially if you listen to the lyrics.


Don’t worry Mark & Iveta, you need to really mess it up to lose this. Dave and Karen start off the fight with their lame Tango just as bad as I remember it from last night. I still don’t get how this works for a Tango anyway.

But Mark and Iveta don’t do particularly well when they give us their rumba again. I do quite like the band singing this though. Mark gives it a bit more welly this time.

So to the judges and Dave Myers and Karen Hauer are eliminated (Len liked Dave though). Did the public see sense? Yes, but I’m not sure if they voted Dave or Karen out. ANYWAY it doesn’t matter.



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  1. Brilliant Blog as always – Susanna & Kevin were amazing – really a step up from their previous dances – Dave left tonight with dignity.


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