It Takes Two: 10 things we learned during week six

Each day, we had to relive Halloween Week. But we took some lessons anyway…

1. Blackpool Week was going to see Rachel be ‘Marilyn’. We assume she means Monroe, so it could be a theme week.

2. Abbey Clancy had a feeling something was going to go awry and confided in Aljaž that she didn’t want to go home. Then she ended up in the dance-off. Spooky (well it was Halloween)

3. Karen Hardy thinks Susanna Reid and Kevin Clifton deserved 10s last weekend after their Charleston.

4. The Argentine Tango is making its Series 11 debut frightfully early again. Sophie and Brendan will tackle it this weekend.

5. Natalie Lowe’s students will be opening their wedding ball to ‘My first, My Last, My Everything’ by Barry White.

6. Dave Myers missed a triple step last weekend during his Jive. Just one?

7. Kristina Rihanoff has injured her foot during training after an altercation with the wall.

8. The use of ‘Christ’ inhibits an apology but saying ‘shit’ during the main show doesn’t.

9.  Kevin Clifton has a cold.

10.  John Barrowman thinks Natalie Gumede could be out of the competition this week or next. I guess that’s a subtle reminder that the brilliant dancers aren’t always safe and PLEASE vote because, er, Dave (he later actually went on to say this, a bit more dipo-..oh wait, he didn’t employ diplomacy)


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  1. After an altercation with the wall?! I missed Kristina and Ben on ITT this week, how on earth…?


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