Strictly Come Dancing 2013: week six results

I’m angry with this elimination. Very angry. I knew I hated Halloween.

But here is what happened during the horror that was the week six results show…


We begin with a professional dance to another mutilated Gaga song where the entire feed of my Twitter spent trying to work out if it was before this dance that this happened. Anyway, how can you be ‘at the back’ if the audience sit at all three sides?

Then we go behind the scenes for a bit to see everybody dressed up in Halloween costumes NOT ON HALLOWEEN.


Patrick & Anya, Sophie & Brendan, Fiona & Anton and Ben & Kristina.

Dance-off for Abbey and Aljaž.


Flaming spooky. Good song though.

And somebody was dressed like that creepy carnival thing from Little Big Planet…

Len’s Len’s etc etc…

Lifts aplenty are driving Len mad, Darcey was spooked by Brendan during his routine, tens were given (we know?), Rachel was real good (*cries*) and that’s about it.


Susanna & Kevin, Mark & Iveta, Natalie & Artem, Ashley & Ola and Dave & Karen.

Leaving Rachel and Pasha in the dance-off…

BLOODY DAVE! The online voting cannot be helping here.


Abbey and Aljaž perform their wonderful rumba once more for us. I think, if anything, there is more chemistry between the pair of them as the sadness of the reality of the dance-off hits home.

I think Rachel and Pasha know they are for the axe here against second-top Abbey Clancy but they give it their best anyway. It’s a beautiful routine and it is by far her best of the series so I just feel so sad that she’s here.

And so Rachel Riley and Pasha Kovalev leave the competition after a horrible decision making process whereby Rachel loses by four votes.

Injustice. I’m really interested in what YOU think? Tell me below!


Next week: no theme, but Dave will do the same ‘dance’ as always. 


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  1. Where to start… I think Abbey Clancy got a reality check – I don’t think she is as popular as she thinks she is – but she did a really good dance. Also looked genuinely upset to see Rachel go. I think next week she will cover up a bit.


  2. How accurate is that article about Ola??? I’d no idea about any of that, I never like Karen much though since she joined, this will just add to my feeling for her… And if Ola really does quit I will flip some shit because her and James are my favourites, but really I think it’s a load of crap unless I’m missing something else? And I really thought Dave was going this week especially when he was last saved and Abbey already in the dance off, I’m gonna miss Rachel and Pasha 😦 wow this is a long comment, oops sorry:’)


  3. I can’t understand why people don’t vote for Abbey , not coming from a theatrical background she’s pretty spectacular ! Sad that Rachel went but I don’t think she’d progress further . Sophie’s in danger of going if she doesn’t lose her habitual cool and really throw herself into the dance . Oh , and Dave to go !


  4. Obviously a spectacularly ludicrous decision, but as a dance “competition”, Strictly makes no sense whatsoever anyway (men v. women, 20-year-olds v. 70-year-olds, actors with stage school training v. rugby players etc. etc.). It’s just light entertainment – and I speak as a massive fan. The public gets what the public wants. And for some unfathomable reason the public wants to see more of Dave Myers “dancing”…

    Re the Ola story: one dancer says something derogatory about another dancer’s dancing ability – well, that’s clearly the first time in history that has ever happened… (although in most cases, to be fair, the derogatory comments are said behind the person’s back, not to their face!) 🙂


  5. I think Dave Is a joke too far, and its high time his sojourn in the limelight off strictly was curtailed. He Brings NOTHING TO THE SHOW! A nice enough guy, I’m thinking surely he must be embarrassed to still be in show when people like Deborah and Rachel and their partners have left.


  6. I was so sorry to see Rachel go Dave should have gone , P.G he goes next week and not another good dancer like (heaven forbid Natalie) I did vote for Abbey because I like her as a dancer not because she is a personality and a person, it is a dance competition


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