Strictly Come Dancing 2013: week five results

As St Jude hovers above, one couple storms out of the competition. Featuring: a solo dance with two people and Earth, Wind and Fire (and that’s just outside).

We start with a Geisha theme dance to a Beyonce song which was as equally freaky as it was good. I’m still underwhelmed by professional dances this year – theme wise, not content wise – the dancing is superb, of course. The professionals aren’t recognised as much as they ought to be on this show.

Tessala saved…

Fiona & Anton, Susanna & Kevin, Natalie & Artem, Mark & Iveta and Rachel & Pasha.

And Deborah & Robin land in the dance-off.

Earth, Wind and Fire

It will continue to frustrate me that X Factor can get Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus to sing and we get stuck with the old bands looking for comeback exposure. Yes, they are good bands and the older music is really excellent (and I say that at 19 years old) but while it doesn’t clash with X Factor it should be pulling out all the stops to still win the ratings war.

Although, on the other hand, Aliona & Brendan and Ola & James were fantastic so maybe a lot don’t really care what was going on in the background.


Sophie & Brendan, Ashley & Ola, Abbey & Aljaz , Dave & Karen and Ben & Kristina

Putting Patrick & Anya in the dance-off.


Deborah & Robin rearrange the furniture again but it seems for a less of a period this time and deliver a really good VW as she bids for survival. A lot better than the first time.

More faffing about ensues as Patrick & Anya take to the floor with Salsa take two which is – for me – another excuse to envy Anya’s choreographing and not much else. Patrick’s good, too. His hips and timing is pretty bang-on.

Deborah Meaden and Robin Windsor leave the competition after they lose all four votes. Making her the first casualty of the love affair with the dire (at dancing, probably a lovely guy) Dave Myers.

Next week: Halloween. Help.


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  1. ABSURD! every year we get this insanity where good people go out before their time because the public like keeping idiots in! Dave Myers and Mark Benton are not Rusell Grant and should have gone by now. This is when it gets tedious!


  2. Mark Benton is much better than Dave Myers! Poor Deborah, cos either Rachael or Dave should have gone. RR is not nearly as good as the hype said she would be either! Whoever said Strictly was anything but a popularity contest was lying.


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