It Takes Two: 10 things we learned during week four

Which professional dancer has an interest singing voice? Which is becoming a hairdresser? Why is Natalie Lowe back for a bit?

Click and see…

1. Dave Myers had said himself a score target of 20 for last weekend. To be fair, it probably would have been more realistic of a score than 26.

2. Dave Myers lives on a boat moored on the Thames for his Strictly Stint.

3. Ashley Taylor Dawson’s alarm clock is a recording of dancer Ola Jordan singing (well…) classic tune ‘ Somewhere Beyond the Sea’

4. Vincent Simone thinks that Natalie Gumede may be the best celebrity Strictly has ever had. Now now Vincent, don’t sit on that fence will you?

5. Natalie Lowe has been tasked with teaching super-fan Melanie and her fiancé Gordon the ultimate wedding dance for them to perform at this wedding – on Friday 13th December 2013 (so as not to miss the semi-final the day after)

6. Iveta always looks for ways to bring the ‘fun’ in Mark Benton out. Even if that includes an interpretive dance style. She insists there was a lot of Cha Cha in there last weekend…

7. Ian Waite admitted that Rachel Riley reminds him of former celebrity partner Jodie Kidd.

8. Kevin Clifton admitted just how immensely proud he is of partner Susanna Reid. A split second later, he told us that she doesn’t always get it at first. Just to make sure he wasn’t *too* complimentary…

9. Patrick Robinson was rollerskating in rehearsal, fell backwards and busted his hand which has taken the lifts out of his salsa. He isn’t even entirely sure he’ll dance tomorrow night.

10. Lucky the mystic pup reckons Susanna and Kevin will top the leaderboard on Saturday night.


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