Strictly Come Dancing 2013: week four results

Potentially the first call of a ‘shock’ in the bottom two. Also, Gatsby. And Keane.

We begin with a Great Gatsby themed professional dance which I think came a few weeks too early given that the DVD of the remake is out on November 11. It was a bit weird really and involved girls leaning back in odd positions and Kristina spinning around in a big plastic glass. I don’t think it was a personal favourite but you know…I still wouldn’t say no to being able to dance like that (what actual dancing we saw, weird camera work)

Then we went behind the scenes of last night and – keeping in mind they want to make this look live – Craig is still sitting on the panel (they don’t mind) but in reality is in hospital. So that blows that, again, and the last remaining believer knows it isn’t live.

And then these lot were saved:

Mark & Iveta, Natalie & Artem, Deborah & Robin, Abbey & Aljaž and Ashley & Ola

Shockingly, Rachel & Pasha are plonked in the dance-off.

I’m surprised Rachel is there not because she wasn’t good (she wasn’t) but because there were a few far worse (Dave, Mark…)

Andrea Begley

The winner of The Voice UK from earlier in the year sings a song called ‘Dancing In The Dark’ (oo err) while Pasha Kovalev and professional partner Anya Garnis dance in front of her. Which is more interesting.

STOP! Judges time

+ Len’s Lens.

Then saved:

Ben & Kristina, Sophie & Brendan, Patrick & Anya, Dave & Karen, Susanna & Kevin and Fiona & Anton.

So Julien and Janette are in the dance-off for the third time.


Who sing on a show aired on the day they announce their split. Artem and Janette are dancing but I’m busy singing along and weeping that one of my favourite bands are taking a break/sabbatical/hiatus/splitting (nobody is clear here).


Rachel and Pasha plod through their routine which is actually better than yesterday by a fair bit. I enjoyed it the second time around.

Now to the Spice Girls and I think Julien and Janette are resigned to the fact that this is going to be it so SCREW IT LET’S GO WILD AND OUT OF TIME. The band appear to have got shoutier as well which pleases nobody.

And Julien Macdonald and Janette Manrara leave the show after four votes go against them. I guess it was always coming. Never mind. I won’t miss him. Might miss her.





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  1. You are so quick! Well done – what was Aliona doing in the group dance?


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