Strictly Come Dancing 2013: week three results


Find out who is now divorced from Strictly Come Dancing 2013….

We begin with chandeliers aplenty and a very light yellow professional routine. Which was beautiful and phenomenal but made me realise just how much I miss Erin Boag as Anton danced with Iveta in the climax of the dance.

And then Tess saved some, as follows:

Sophie & Brendan, Fiona & Anton, Ben & Kristina, Rachel & Pasha, Susanna & Kevin and Natalie & Artem.

And put Julian and Janette in the dance-off.

Andrea Bocelli with Aliona and Aljaž

No, I don’t care either.

Len’s Lens and judges talking

We re-see Craig getting pied (in the face, my loves), Sophie Ellis-Bextor doing some rolls, shirtless Ashley Taylor Dawson, kissing-maniac Ben Cohen and Dave Myers’s face.

And we are treated to a clip of Dave Myers’s stacking it down the stairs in rehearsals. That may have improved the dance on the night.

Tess saved

Ashley & Ola, Abbey & Aljaž, Deborah & Robin, Mark & Iveta, Patrick & Anya and Dave & Karen.

Leaving Vanessa & James in the dance-off.

I really think Dave Myers should have been there instead…


All credit to Julian, he was in time a little more this time around and seems to be enjoying it more. Although that end section was very messy indeed.

I’d forgotten about that atrocious beginning role play from Vanessa & James. However, it wasn’t fantastic and I think we probably know the outcome of this.

We do. Vanessa Feltz and James Jordan leave the competition after four votes go to Julian Macdonald and Janette Manrara.


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  1. And that’s the end of love week! thankfully. We now move on to look forward to bondage week where Du Beke will sport nothing but a leather studded thong *shivers*

    Loving the blog as usual x


  2. Shame Vanessa’s gone, especially on James’ wedding anniversary.


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