Strictly Come Dancing 2013: week two results

We begin with a random all-over-the-shop professional routine using some jail cages and some garishly coloured dresses. Excellent as ever, though – the professional dancers are so talented and without a doubt make the show the success it is.

Then somebody I’d never heard of sung and the first celebrity left the competition.

After the obligatory night before recap where the songs we tried to forget appear back in heads, Tess announced the first batch of celebrities to be saved. As follows:

Patrick & Anya, Deborah & Robin, Natalie & Artem, Ben & Kristina, Susanna & Kevin and Mark & Iveta.

Leaving Tony & Aliona in the dance-off.

Matt Goss with our professional girls walking around him

Bad joke of the household: ‘He can’t be both. He’s either Matt or Gloss’

Yeah. He sung. I’m 19 and after hearing him not surprised that I hadn’t heard of him before tonight.

Judges in Claudialand 

With Len’s spectacles which sadly returned to annoy us adding nothing to the segment.

We, unsurprisingly, don’t learn anything.

And who else is saved?

As follows:

Ashley & Ola, Abbey & Aljaz, Dave & Karen, Rachel & Pasha, Sophie & Brendan, Fiona & Anton and Vanessa & James.

Leaving Julian & Janette in the dance-off.


Julian and Janette are up first making us sit through the whole painful band-doing-gaga thing again coupled with their half-hearted Tango seemingly less well-danced than last time.

Presumably because they know there’s no way the judges would save Tony and Aliona over them who clearly weren’t actually bothered about the prospect of going home since they didn’t really try.

Anywho, Tony Jacklin and Aliona Vilani became the first couple to exit series 11 with all four judge votes going to Julien and Janette.


So next week is LOVE WEEK. No, I can’t either.


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  1. Matt Goss is a legend – reverting back to what he does best! Are you really 19? Well done for such a brilliant blog.


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