It Takes Two: 10 things we learned during week one

Strictly Come Dancing‘s spin-off show It Takes Two returned to BBC2 this week under the watchful eye of the fabulous Zoe Ball.

Here’s what we found on during the course of the five days…

1. Hairy Biker Dave Myers has ‘big surprises’ in store for us for his AS with Karen Hauer on Saturday evening. Yes, I dread to think as well.

2. Tony Jacklin holds his breath unconsciously. I don’t think that came out right, Jacklin.

3. ‘The hip and the knee are fam-ily’ was the first of many Karen Hardy phrases from her Choreography Corner.

4. Reformed bad-boy of the Ballroom Brendan Cole admitted becoming teary as he finished his elegant waltz with Sophie Ellis-Bextor last weekend.

5. Brendan and Sophie have the Charleston this weekend. In all ten years of Strictly, Brendan has never had the chance to dance a Charleston.

6. Newbie Kevin Clifton wasn’t nervous before his first live show last weekend until he called his mother who reminded him the great scale and audience of the show. Then he was nervous.

7. Fiona Fullerton refers to her partner Anton Du Beke as ‘Mr Wonderful’. Less James Bond, more Mr Men.

8. The element of guesswork has disappeared as Vicky Gill revealed some of the women’s dresses we’ll see this weekend.

9. It Takes Two clearly haven’t learned any lessons from Arlene Phillips years ago and dubbed Ola Jordan as a ‘Pole Dancer’ during her interview.

10. We can now vote online on a Saturday evening with a BBC ID. More:


It Takes Two continues Monday at 6.30pm on BBC2


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