An interview with Pasha Kovalev

I was lucky enough to be able to pop over to Pasha Kovalev’s book signing event. After the lovely Pasha had signed books for fans and posed for photographs I was able to grab a few minutes with the man himself to ask a few quick questions.

Pasha, let’s start by talking about dance. What is your favourite genre of dance?

Well I stick with a genre of dance for 25 years and so it’s Latin, obviously!

Obviously! Favourite Latin dance?

That’s a little bit harder because I love them all, they just all kind of together make the full picture but I cannot take one of them out and abandon the others!

Ah, fair enough. You’re such a big inspiration for so many Strictly fans, who would you say is your idol and inspiration? Who do you look up to?

You know, there are so many people you hear everyday about and somebody is doing something special in relationship to other people or their families or just in the world, nature. So, I think, you cannot just have one inspiration – I just look up to people who want to make a change, who understand what they want in this life and kind of follow their call so I think that’s the main thing.

That is probably the loveliest answer I’ve ever had!

Okay, so, the new series of Strictly Come Dancing is coming up, who would your dream celebrity partner be?

You know why I like Strictly is because you never know what you’re going to end up with – it’s like Christmas! You know you’re getting a present but you don’t know what present it’s going to be – so until you unwrap it! I mean, it’s always nice to get somebody who can dance but it’s also nice to have a personality (a celebrity with personality) and a celebrity who will push you as a teacher and as a professional dancer to the next level.

* chat about the filming of the launch show on Wednesday for transmission on Saturday *

So, how did you get involved in dancing? How old were you?

Well, you can read in my book! I was about eight years old when I saw a dance competition and just liked what was going on.

And lastly, since I do have a television blog, what would you say if your favourite television programme? Apart from Strictly Come Dancing, of course!

Hmm television. To be honest, I don’t even have a TV but the programme I always use no matter where I am [is] So You Think You Can Dance? I guess, my career started there – TV career- and I never miss one episode even if I have to watch it over the Internet.

Fantastic choice!

Thank you very much for your time and best of luck with Strictly!

Pasha Kovalev

Pasha- My Story: The Autobiography of TV’s Hottest Dance Star is out September 2.


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