Stepping Out on a Saturday evening

ITV have launched their bid to control the dance loving television watching proportion of the nation with new reality show Stepping Out. Six celebrity couples will go up against each other as they dance with their beloved to win the votes of us at home and the support of The Front Row panel (Mel B, Jason Gardiner and Wayne Sleep) to try and shimmy their way to victory. Our host for the evenings will be Davina McCall, whom appears to be popping up just about everywhere lately.

The sudden call for a dance show on the ITV’s book possibly has something to do with the axe of Dancing On Ice after its next series in early 2014 but more than likely a lot more to do with the BBC’s triumph in the reality television category at the National Television Awards back in January with hit show Strictly Come Dancing which returns for one week only next Saturday and then Saturday weekly from the 28th September (although it will kick off on the Friday).

Maybe it is just me but I cannot for the life of me see how Stepping Out can be pitted as a rival show for Strictly due to them being entirely different entities sharing just a genre in common. For a start, the celebrities on ITV’s new idea will be dancing with one another as opposed to being taught by a professional dancer as they are on Strictly. Secondly, the run for Stepping Out is just five weeks and on three of those Strictly Come Dancing isn’t actually on. Plus, five weeks is short for a ‘journey’ that Strictly is so fond of.

So as far as ‘taking the Strictly audience’ goes, it isn’t going to happen. Lovers of dance can watch both on the two conflicting weeks and the BBC will probably take the viewers whilst ITV have the records and the repeats.

Together with this, the Strictly following is almost cultish with some fiercely loyal fans I highly doubt will champion the ITV creation over their treasured BBC programme.


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