The National Television Awards 2013 – Tasha’s rundown.

It’s that time of the year again. It’s nostalgia for the past year at its very best. It’s the time where were all sit and gaze at our televisions exclaiming ‘I remember that!’ as if it were five years ago instead of five months ago. uktv_nta_awards_1

It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the National Television Awards 2013!

Here on TashaOnTv I decided it would be a fun night to document because, well, it’s one of my favourite nights of the year and I normally have a lot to say about the award recipients.

Of course you probably already know the winners – since I am posting after the live show has gone out – but whether you missed any aspect of the show because you popped to the loo or some inconsiderate soul knocked at the door and disturbed your viewing or just want to recap the night, then you have reached the right place. You even get added bits of me – so, really, what can be better?

I bet you can think of a lot of things.

I’m not exactly a big fan of Dermot O’Leary – and that isn’t just because of his X Factor relation. He’s one of the many people on television that I just can’t take to. Like Keith Lemon, Ricky Gervais or the entire cast of The Only Way Is Essex.

We started by ripping off our own Olympic opening ceremony and having Dermot meet the Queen but he meets David Walliams posing as the really annoying Spanish one from Skyfall. Mercifully, no faffing about then occurs and it’s quickly on with the show…I suspect padding later.

Award one: Entertainment Programme

Nominations: The Graham Norton Show,  I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, The Only Way Is Essex and Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

Winner: I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Tasha’s comment: I can’t help thinking that Ant and Dec were the reason IACGMOOH swooped up this award but I’m going to congratulate them on this one. Plus, TOWIE didn’t win so there isn’t much room to argue with this one. I ,instead, sat there wondering why Helen Flanagan was wearing beaded cat ears and being grateful that Ashley Roberts clarified a birthing partner is indeed for a birth. Well done, Sherlock.

Award two: Documentary series

Nominations:  Frozen Planet, One Born Every Minute, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and Planet Earth Live.

Winner: Frozen Planet.

Tasha’s comment: I would have liked to have seen One Born Every Minute take this one because I am addicted to it. I think pregnancy and birth is beautiful, despite the fact that I am a little bit squeamish, and I think the work of those busy midwives deserves an accolade in itself. I can’t comment any further because I didn’t actually watch Frozen Planet because I’m just not interested.

Award three: Comedy Panel Show

Nominations: Would I Lie To You?, Mock The Week, Have I Got News For You and QI

Winner: QI

Tasha’s comment: I tweeted about a split second before the announcement that I would be happy with any of the three that wasn’t QI taking this. It’s the one panel show I just cannot get into and, for all it’s worth, I would have loved to see David Mitchell and Lee Mack take this one for Would I Lie. Furthermore, I don’t believe it has ever won. Always next year.

Award four: Male Drama Performance

Nominations: Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock), Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Daniel Mays (Mrs Biggs)

Winner: Colin Morgan (Merlin)

Tasha’s comment: It was a long shot for Danny Mays being pitched up against three of the best drama actors. No great surprise that Colin Morgan picked up the award given that Merlin is now over and done with. I only watched Mrs Biggs so I’m useless commenting on deservedness.

Award five: Daytime Programme

Nominations: The Jeremy Kyle Show, Come Dine With Me, The Chase and This Morning

Winner: This Morning

Tasha’s comment:  I didn’t see this one coming, I thought Jeremy Kyle and his smug team of numpty-heads were going to take this one home. I’m glad they didn’t but I would have liked to have seen Bradley Walsh and The Chase take this. That quiz is brilliant…and I’ve actually been educated by it! This remains my favourite ever Bradley Walsh clip.

Award six: Female Drama Performance

Nominations: Miranda Hart (Call The Midwife), Karen Gillan (Doctor Who), Suranne Jones (Scott and Bailey) and Sheridan Smith (Mrs Biggs)

Winner: Miranda Hart (Call The Midwife)

Tasha’s comment: *rolls eyes* We know my feelings towards Miranda Hart and her’ ‘comedy’. However, I can’t slate this win too heavily because she is, in fairness, a good actress in the midwifery drama. I’m a big Suranne Jones fan though so I’m pretty upset with this for what it’s worth.

Award seven: Landmark Award

This one isn’t related to television shows as such, it’s distanced from the rest of the evening’s awards. Landmark this year, unsurprisingly, goes to the Olympics. I’m sort of unclear the actual recipient myself – is it the broadcasters? The Sport fund whatever-they-are people? Clare Balding? Us?

Sir Chris Hoy, David Weir and Lord Sebastian Coe (the less I say about him, the better) receive the award for/on behalf of London 2012. So basically, we have an award for a season of a year? It’s really just an excuse for us to talk about how epic we were doing something as a country, for once.

The speeches, as everything regarding the Olympics always does, went on for ages.

Award eight: Serial Drama Performance

Nominations: Alan Halsall (Coronation Street), Adam Woodyatt (EastEnders), Michelle Keegan (Coronation Street) and Emmett J Scanlan (Hollyoaks)

Winner: Alan Halsall (Coronation Street)

Tasha’s comment: I really cannot reiterate how pleased I am for Alan with this award. His performance as Tyrone who is currently at the tail end of a domestic abuse storyline at the hands of partner Kristy (Natalie Gumede) has been outstanding and I am sure it will continue to be completely amazing. I cannot think of an actor who could have played the role as well as him – bringing to light that domestic abuse is not always inflicted by a male upon a woman.

Award nine: Entertainment Presenter(s)

Nominations: Ant and Dec, Keith Lemon, Dermot O’Leary and Alan Carr

Winner(s): Ant and Dec

Tasha’s comment: Winners for the 12th year in a row which is a rather massive achievement. Cannot say that they don’t deserve it because Ant and Dec are superb! Further to that, I am *so* very glad that Keith Lemon and Alan Carr didn’t come away with this one…!

Award ten: Factual Entertainment

Nominations: The Great British Bake Off, Top Gear, The Apprentice and Paul O’Grady: For The Love Of Dogs.

Winner: Paul O’Grady: For The Love Of Dogs.

Tasha’s comment: This one confused me– The Great British Bake Off was robbed; in my view anyway. I didn’t watch this show because I’ve detested Paul O’Grady ever since I read his autobiography and didn’t like what I read. I’m going to be one of those annoying people and suggest that this was some sort of ITV programme conspiracy.

Award twelve: Best newcomer

Nominations: Liam Fox (Emmerdale), Natalie Gumede (Coronation Street), Joseph Thompson(Hollyoaks) and  David Witts  (EastEnders)

Winner: David Witts (Eastenders)

Tasha’s comment: David Witts is awfully posh which I didn’t expect. Backed Natalie Gumede all the way for this one and she is the winner is my eyes. She is one of the most talented soap actresses and David Witts, for me, is annoying overrated. Sorry – unhappy with this recipient.

Award thirteen: Situation Comedy

Nominations: Absolutely Fabulous, Mrs Brown’s Boys, The Big Bang Theory and Benidorm

Winner: Mrs Brown’s Boys

Tasha’s comment: I reside in the 1% of the population who doesn’t find this sitcom remotely funny and, therefore, doesn’t watch it. Same goes for all four in this category. So I took this as the moment to catch up with the football.

Award fourteen: Drama

Nominations: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin and Downton Abbey

Winner: Downton Abbey

Tasha’s comment: This award I am ecstatic with! Downton Abbey is fantastic – I’m slightly addicted. Damn, now I want to watch the DVDs…but I just don’t have the time. Well deserved, and I do believe it is one of my first votes to actually win.

Award fifteen: Talent Show

Nominations: Britain’s Got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice UK, Dancing On Ice and The X Factor

Winner: Strictly Come Dancing

Tasha’s comment: Ah, at long last again – the show where I began as a blogger. It’s brilliant that Strictly finally pick this one up again but hardly a surprise after the shocking turnout of the X Factor this year. Needless to say, I’m very happy!

Award sixteen: Special Recognition

This year this accolade is property of Joanna Lumley and a long montage honoured her fantastic career and personality with comments of praise from other big names.

Award seventeen: Series Drama

Nominations: EastEnders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and Coronation Street

Winner: Coronation Street

Tasha’s comment: Thank goodness it wasn’t EastEnders! I honestly think that soap has gone rapidly downhill – especially with the Branning storylines – and Coronation Street has managed to pull itself out of the dire straits it reached a few years ago. I’m very pleased, Corrie is my favourite.

Away from the actual awards, these events are also worthy of a mention:

Darcey Bussell did a mediocre dance with host Dermot O’Leary when she went out to present the award for Male Drama Performance where she was lucky not to be knocked over by him after a spin error on his part. She then had to try and present an award when she was a little out of breath.

Kimberley Walsh – having mysteriously gone solo during her Strictly career – performed ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ excruciatingly badly and received a very poor applause – slightly embarrassing for her.

Clare Balding did a terrible South African accent during the speech she gave before we had to sit through yet another London 2012 montage for the Landmark Award. Lord Coe dubbed her a ‘national treasure’ so it’s time for me to move to a different country.

Pudsey the dancing dog who managed to win Britain’s Got Talent (along with owner Ashleigh) danced to Gangnam Style before she presented Newcomer Award. It continues to baffle me that an actual pedigree managed to win a reality television show.

X-Factor early casualty Ella Henderson covered Cher’s ‘Do You Believe In Life After Love?’ and gave me the time I desperately needed to catch up with writing my Newcomer section after the ITV cut the ‘in action’ clips and whizzed through the award – which was about the only good point of that performance. I fail to understand why these musical interludes are needed when they know they always end up strapped for time! These are television awards and television clips suffer (like during the Newcomer and Talent Show awards)!

And that, is that!

Natasha x


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  1. Kathy Williams

    Thank you Tasha Do you have an all seeing eye? Because someone did actually knock on my door just as the Strictly mob were dancing up onto the stage and I was so pleased to find this write up in my email later. xxx


    • I was actually going to put about going to get a snack but since it is ITV and adverts galore, you tend to wait until breaks to snack!

      (And yes, it’s cold in here. Give me a blanket) xx


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