Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Results – A narrow miss, Week 11

And now, for the last Sunday show of the series.

I am pleased to report that my fear wasn’t realised. It was for about an hour last night when we had a spoiler nightmare online but it was all a hoax.

But first, a professional dance. A lovey-dovey one. Please can I dance like this…please Santa! Followed by a recap and Len insulting those who won’t watch next week’s final.

Saved and through: Kimberley and Pasha

Danger: Lisa and Robin

Katherine Jenkins

I don’t like her and I don’t like this provocative joke of a Christmas song. I don’t know why I think that – might be because every woman ever to perform it has to wear a red tight dress showing as much breast as possible whilst holding their finger on their cheek or wiggling their hips suggestively.

Kristina and Robin appear at some point mid-rant and perform a routine that I half watch because I’m busy typing this and off we go.

Last Len Lens

Len points out what a cartwheel is, Bruce has a bath in the fountain and I pray to high heavens that this section is dead before next year whilst Claudia makes an unenthusiastic audience sit through a recap of ‘best bits’ of Lens Lens.

Saved and through: Louis and Flavia and Dani and Vincent.

Danger: Denise and James.

I’m not particularly surprised by this dance-off – Lisa was terrible and Denise is public enemy number one for some obscure reason. Vincent ends up on the floor in shock at being through to the final and this is an ‘aww’ moment.

Katherine Jenkins mark two.

This time she is dancing with Mark Ballas from over the pond. A high-speed jive and she is a really good dancer. She danced on Dancing with the Stars and came second – should have done Strictly (still wouldn’t have won).

The final 5 then muse about the final and it’s dance-off time. The highest scoring dance will be performed.

Dance-off – Lisa and Robin (American Smooth)

She may as well fall flat on her face and stay there because she is, rightly so really, a goner against Denise. However, she gives us her all as usual and has one massive smile on her face throughout. Bailing out gracefully and on a dance to be proud of’ better than the first time.

Dance-off – Denise and James (Tango)

Delivered equally as well as the first time but, then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Denise.


Leaving Denise and James in next week’s final by 4 votes to nil. Correctly so. Sorry Lisa, you’ve been fun.

Next week is the GRAND FINAL (which has it’s own long set of rules) and boy am I excited! See you then!


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