Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Results – Evacuate the dancefloor, Week 10

I love that song – had to use it sometime. The link is, that, the pop hit is number 1 on my ‘Dance Fusion’ CD.

Last night was the [actually decent] dance fusion night where we truly saw routines covering the whole Strictly spectrum. Tonight, sadly, one couple must exit the competition as next week’s semi-final is upon us.

Alice and Wonderland themed opener


Recap and stuffs.

Mainly talking to the audience tonight and Nicky pining for Michael. Then a quick whip through.

Saved: Kimberley and Pasha and Dani and Vincent.

Danger: Nicky and Karen

Kimberley, Pasha, Dani and Vincent then had a little chat with an underdressed Claudia. Dani and Vincent have the Argentine Tango next week.

Michael Bublé

Anton and Erin offer us the best professional dance of the year so far (in two halves because they disappeared off somewhere in the middle) and Bublé bores me. But…IT’S [not yet] CHRISTMAS!!!

Lens Glasses

‘Let’s coo over all the routines because we haven’t really a clue how to mark this’

Semi final prep VT

OH MY GOD THEY ARE NEXT WEEK. Well, yes. They have 2 dances to do next week…10 dances makes for a long show.

Saved: Lisa and Robin and Louis and Flavia.

Danger: Denise and James.

Dance-off – Denise and James

At least her heel can’t get caught! They shouldn’t be in the dance-off…I may not like them but…anyway they were as good as last time.

Dance-off – Nicky and Karen

I do feel so sorry for him this week.

A) He got the worst fusions.

B) He’s up against Denise who can dance and is consistently performing well.

C) He just cannot really dance all that well…exhibit B….

As terrible as before.


I’m aware that that was possibly the most useless dance-off recap ever but, and I mean this, both dances were the same standard as before and it was a real no brainer.

Onwards to the semis. I genuinely fear that Dani or Louis will be kicked off by the public love for Lisa…


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  1. I agree completely – next week could be interesting …


  2. You’re so quick! I’m surprised LR went through. Pleased that Denise stayed in. Got a bit blubby at the end!


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