Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Results – Bowled out, Week 9

Last night was one particularly awesome show with a high standard of dancing. But one couple will be deprived of the chance to do it all over again next week…but whom?

hamster animationhamster  animation

Tess and Claudia?

Opening routine

I’m not sure what this is genre wise so I’m just going to say that I enjoyed it. What I could follow of it anyway…camerawork!


Yeah yeah we know. Shiny happy people.

What the hell are Tess and Darcey wearing? Awful doesn’t even cut it. Especially Darcey, what is that? Also, I suppose I should point out that Bruno is tweeting mundanely about his followers…just in case you actually thought it was live, it isn’t.

Saved: Louis and Flavia and Lisa and Robin.

Danger: Michael and Natalie.


No thanks. *reaches for remote and mutes*

You know, I couldn’t tell you which one is going to be dancing in the Christmas special…but that’s what Twitter is for – they inform me the one with the funny pattern on his head.

Len’s Len’s

Len smiled when Lisa danced. He smiles? She danced? Really?

Let’s laugh at Lisa messing up her ending.


…then some more stuff happened that I went tweeting through instead. Found out that Darcey isn’t wearing a trouser suit – they are shorts – which makes the outfit even more hideous.

Bruno fell off his chair. He wore a headdress. That’s it.

Saved: Denise and James, Dani and Vincent and Kimberley and Pasha.

Danger: Nicky and Karen

Alfie Boe avec Aliona and Artem

I saw Alfie Boe this weekend last year – does he have some sort of ‘one week only’ contract? I don’t think this song should be sung by anybody else other than Simon et Garfunkel, though.

Nice to see the actual given pairing of Aliona and Artem – lovely dance (I wasn’t watching)


Next week will see a DANCE FUSION (DWTS idea). Otherwise known as a mash-up of two genres. This will be a mess – it’s replacing the swing-a-thon though, it can be worse. And it will be.

Dance-off – Michael and Natalie


Nope, still not finding Michael sexy. Even after all that tequila. *gulp*

I think it is fair to say that he tried harder this time…it still didn’t work though. Feel sorry for him, he really loves the show – been a great contestant.

Dance-off – Nicky and Karen

I felt that he was more, let’s say, commanding of Karen this time around but it was mostly on par with his previous attempt. Which means it was good, because that was good. Probably my favourite dance of theirs…


I’m going to miss Michael – his effort was superb and Natalie really made a dancer out of him in the end, to a decent enough standard. She is a brilliant teacher – she should have a dance school!

Until next week…


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  1. its worrying when Craig uses the word sensational to mean one pair were slightly less crap than the other!


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