Strictly Come Dancing Results 2012 – Another one bites the dust, Week 8

After a real mixed bag last night, one act will be sent packing after they perform against another to fight for their right to stay.

Flawless avec Strictly Girls

Makes sense to open with a dancing act again – just like they did with Top Hat and MT. Made for an interesting routine, lots of blended styles. Nice to see the professional girls all together. Also, lovely to see Aliona back in the front!

Horrible horrible outfits for the presenting duo tonight – Tess is off clubbing soon and Claudia is off to work in the restaurant around the corner.

Backstage and recap

Nothing we won’t see tomorrow on It Takes Two so I’m typing through this instead.

Saved: Kimberley and Pasha, Louis and Flavia and Nicky and Karen

Danger: Michael and Natalie


Nicky, Louis and Kimberley are happy. Some loony audience member is grinning at the camera. Louis pretends to convince us that he felt this may have been his last week and has the Charleston next week – NO COMMENT. Tee hee.

The section that just won’t die – Len’s Lens

Obligatory Louis bashing and berating…all whilst celebrating him, not sure how this works.

Nicky gave a ‘performance’…well yes, it is a show. That’s what we get. I assume he means it was a very good dance.

Reiterating Craig’s sexual innuendo – having a crack (*smirk*) and making us laugh again.

Bruno out-camped himself dancing to Single Ladies.

Len and Bruno were laughing before scoring Lisa because they turned to each other and went ‘ooooo!’ to show disgust at Darcey’s 6 paddle being aired.

Saved: Dani and Vincent, Denise and James (having a long chat) and Lisa and Robin.

Danger: Victoria and Brendan. Oh no, time for my favourite song…

Gathering et Claud

I really am running out of things to call this. James thought he and Denise would be in the bottom 2…did you really?

The Script

I am obsessed with this song – I must admit. It’s actually feat Will.i.Am (or William to anybody who isn’t him). The Script live, however, are a different story and make ears bleed. Danny is too over-involved in himself and screeches a lot. Also, ARMOGRAPHY!

Pasha and Karen have sprung from somewhere. Shouldn’t it be Aliona and Pasha? Or Aliona and Artem might have made most sense? Didn’t really watch them but I should imagine it was ace.

Dance-off – Victoria and Brendan

Ghastly grotto is back. I would exercise my mute button but I’ve buried my remote under a pile of sociology textbooks.

Not really any better than the first time. Clumsier footwork during the latter part of the routine post-lift. Victoria looking as if she has thrown in the towel.

Dance-off – Michael and Natalie

Much more sensual than last night. Michael is really giving this his all – cleaner and sharper footwork. More polished routine. Brilliant.


Okay, I love Victoria and I have a tremendous amount of respect for her as an Olympian. However, it is her time to go – to which she seems relieved. And Brendan can spend more time with Zoe before the baby comes, yay.

Oh, Vic’s crying.


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  1. Kathy Williams

    4 am and insomnia strikes… so I treat myself to the results show again on iplayer… but left with an annoying niggle.
    When Len and Bruno were having their giggle fit, who had Darcy marked lower than Craig????? Well my first thought was your blog from last night to check the scores. Doh! If I had come straight here you would have told me anyway.

    See what I mean about always including the important stuff….. you are a star Tasha xx


  2. She went to bits last week after one of her steps went wrong, and partner Brendan Cole had to nurse her through the rest of the routine. I really want to see her put that behind her and do well – but she has to be able to dance on even if something goes slightly wrong.


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