Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Results – Out of the Arena, Week 6

So who won’t be needed that Oyster Card next weekend?

Last night, ten couples twisted, twirled and dazzled us to fight for their tube fare to next week’s Wembley Arena show (this is because Children In Need will occupy TVC come Friday) but for two couples one dance just wasn’t enough. It’s a shocker this one, I tell you.

Well I think so anyway.

Can we please make a new ident? I want to be in it! All superfans together! UNITE.

Cast of Midnight Tango

I got the DVD of Midnight Tango last Christmas and I still haven’t watched it. As spectacular as they are, I think it can stay on the shelf another year. Show is coming back to the West End again next year – pricey though.

Behind the scenes + recap

Anton’s been harassing everybody. We get a recap.

Saved: Victoria and Brendan, Lisa and Robin, Louis and Flavia, Nicky and Karen and Denise and James.

Danger: Who knows?

We’re all going to WEMB-ER-LEY!!!!

I live in North London. You won’t need the shades and the hula skirts. Trust me.

This is embarrassing. But I agree, not all of you will make it to Wembley. Especially if you take the Jubilee line.

Lens Lens

I was too busy arguing over the price of Midnight Tango tickets to pay attention to this segment (WHY WILL IT NOT DIE?).

Summation: Richard was good but looking like a blow-up doll, Vincent and Darcey are having a phone chat somewhere, Bruno and Craig enjoy ‘bum-o-graphy’ (not a sentence I thought I’d ever type) and Victoria was good but Brendan fell over. WE KNOW.

Danger: Fern and Artem

Saved: Dani and Vincent, Richard and Erin and Michael and Natalie

Danger: Kimberley and Pasha


Uh oh. What a dance-off shocker! (not sarcastic)

Remembrance ceremony with Anton and Kristina

Dancing to the Military Wives. Lest we forget the fallen.

Andre Rieu

I don’t know who he is?

Brendan and Natalie perform a lovely and emotive dance. There are a herd of violinists wearing multi-coloured dresses.

Dance-off – Fern and Artem

I didn’t really want to see this again. It was about the same as last time. I don’t know what else to say. I’m a bit lost for words tonight.

Dance-off – Kimberley and Pasha

I hate this song.

Technically, these two are a really strong couple. Danced, I think, slightly more elegantly here than first time around.


Judges possibly could have been a bit nicer about that one.

Right result given the choice but I think it was a week or so too early for Fern to go. Richard needs to go now…sorry, as much as I love Erin, he’s spent.

It’s Wembley next week! Fern won’t be there (not the Best of Britton week then?)

Until then, bye!


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  1. I am somewhat confused over Fern’s sparkly body stocking thing – please discuss


  2. Although I would have thought Michael&Natalie would be more likely in the dance off, I’m not surprised Kimberley&Pasha were instead.
    Do you remember Laila Rouass and Zoe Lucker 3 years ago? Zoe was seen to be a better dancer but was in the dance-off very early in the competition (despite being in 3rd place of 12) whereas Laila wasn’t until many weeks afterwards. It was because Laila appealed to the public and was more ‘soft’ on screen (if that makes sense) whereas Zoe was very much ‘this is my dance this week’ – we felt empathy with Laila. I think it’s the same as Kimberley
    ^maybe just me?


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