Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Results – Out like a light, Week 5

Last night we saw some brilliant dancing and some average dancing. For two couples, though, their best wasn’t good enough and they will compete in the ‘dreaded’ dance-off where one couple’s glitterball hopes will be extinguished.

Tonight’s results show will also include dancing of the professional kind, two musical acts and a few recap bits we wish we burn out. Yes I am exhausting the firework jokes this year.

Boy’s opener

‘This is Strictly Come Dancing, The Results!’ – no it isn’t, it’s the boys dancing to Elvis.

NOTE: ARTEM DOES KNOW WHAT A SHIRT IS…he just isn’t wearing anything under it.

Apart from that, I’ll just applaud the weird routine this appears to be and enjoy the dancing *cough*.

Backstage and recap

Nothing going on backstage except for Gangham Style, skipping, Claudia trying (and failing) to do any dance steps and Lisa gushing over Artem. And, funnily enough, I remember the show. MOVE ON.

Saved: Denise and James, Fern and Artem, Dani and Vincent, Kimberley and Pasha and Louis and Flavia.

Danger: Colin and Kristina.

Saved couples are happy

To sum: Dani has cricked her neck, Claudia was nervous for Kimberley’s entrance and Louis has the Waltz next week and might send Darcey flowers.

The Wanted

Not a fan really. Alright songs (not this one though, admittedly) but not really understanding the hype. Good luck to them though.

I saw them at SYTYCD, met their stylist and a few of the boys (don’t ask me whom)…is that a good thing?

P.S: Own dancers strike for you! WOW HOW MANY DANCERS ARE THERE?!

Len’s….I’m too bored of this to even rename it.

Although I guess I just did ^^

Summation: Richard was giving Erin a live commentary to Ez about how he was messing up his dance, Len shouted at Richard to ‘pull himself together’ (to the man about to drop the curtains on them), Darcey says something TECHNICAL about Dani then makes a jibe at Vincent/Craig’s hairstyle, Craig drools over Artem’s chest and Kimba’s desk work is reshown.

Saved: Michael and Natalie, Victoria and Brendan, Nicky and Karen and Lisa and Robin.

Danger: Richard and Erin.

The other half

Saved and happy. Victoria hates the Samba and will never do it again. Karen’s missing so we think dancing next?

Andre Bocelli

And there she is! With Pasha.

This makes me think of the scene in Bend It Like Beckham where she is going to take the freekick. And also the World Cup Final, which is mildly more interesting than this. I think that dance is probably more beautiful live!

Dance-off – Richard and Erin

Yay for getting to see Erin’s brilliant choreography again. This time, as well, with the bonus of Richard following it. I do like how he is trying not to grin at remembering it. So he is a bit rigid but it is a hundred times better than the live show version. In hold well and decent footwork – what an improvement.

Dance-off – Colin and Kristina

I hate this song and I hate this dress. I’m also not sure they really should be here but I don’t vote so whatever. I just blog. I should probably talk about the dancing since that is what you are primarily here for. Height still bizarre (obviously) and Colin looks a bit wobbly! I’m not sure that was as good as before.


I had to get that last ‘joke’ in, sorry!

I can’t help think that Colin never had a shot because of the stupid height-hampered pairing! Alas, they are out.

Lovely show this weekend actually! Next week appears to be themeless again so we can look forward to an even better show next week!

Until then, thank you for reading. Smile


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  1. An emotional show. Richard and Erin were so much better and as Craig said – we got to see the routine done properly. Colin Salmon is such a thespian – his speech at the end had everyone in emotional pieces.

    I quite like Lens lens because it’s silly and Claudia is funny!

    Louis is getting more personable – he tried to sort Flavias hair after the ‘You’re saved’ bit – did you see? More relaxed and less the serious athlete.

    HB (husband) noted: Tess is always in white and Claudia in black. Shall we test his theory next week?


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