Strictly Come Dancing Results 2012 – Week 3



Last night we were transported to Hollywood as Strictly took on its first themed week of the series. I’m not sure about you, but I found it a bit flat. Very flat. In all honesty, it ranks in my top 5 worst ever Strictly shows (really nothing could ever beat the horror of the week Series 7 all went wrong…or most of Series 2)

Yesterday night was marred by too much prop usage and faffing and not enough dancing. For one couple, it was their last dance.

Top Hat

Anton and Erin Quickstep to start and then the cast of Top Hat (that show with Tom Chambers) perform for us.Maybe would have preferred this instead of the singing mid-show. X Factor can have the singers, we’ll take the fantastic dance routines from theatreland!


…please, I’d only just forgotten the horror that was Hollywood night. Have to say, the only decent dances were Dani and Vincent and Louis and Flavia.

Last night housed some bizarre scoring as well. I couldn’t see a logically explanation for any of it, just blatant favouritism.

Saved: Kimberley and Pasha, Louis and Flavia, Nicky and Karen, Sid and Ola, Colin and Kristina and Dani and Vincent.

Danger: Jerry and Anton

walking pumpkin   animationStupidly bad VT introducing next week’s theme and Twitter wants to gauge their eyes out

I HATE HALLOWEEN. I HATE THEMES. Nobody seems over enamoured with these themes – it seems to give the professionals a reason to forget to add dancing into their routines and just play around with toys.

Also, costumes…fancy dress…the thought is already haunting me…

Lens Spectacles

I hate this as well. Bah humbug.

Saved: Denise and James, Fern and Artem, Lisa and Robin, Victoria and Brendan and Richard and Erin

Danger: Michael and Natalie

Dionne Warwick

I prefer Sandie Shaw’s version.

It’s Iveta! I like Iveta, a lot more than Karen at this moment in time, because she has a lovely persona and is a very talented dancer indeed. She’s dancing with Sid Owen next week but yet this partnership is saddening at the same time because Ola has sadly had to fly home to be with her mother who has suffered a heart attack. Extremely sad, get well soon Janina!

Dance-off – Jerry and Anton

Jerry still can’t keep up with Anton moving around the floor although I think she was marginally better with her steps this time around! I think it was probably her actually putting effort into it because she is facing the chop.

Dance-off – Michael and Natalie

Mind the table this time Micky!

He didn’t improve – still rigid and the same as last time – and his timing was even more out than before. Poor lad just isn’t a Latin man. But I like him.


So that’s it, the remaining celebrities are freakying it on up for next week’s Halloween special! I despair…


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  1. Poor Anton, when will he ever get a decent partner?


  2. Kathy Williams

    Thanks for the tip off about the opening dance Tasha… had to rush into kitchen and save a dinner just as the show was starting so I missed it. Will have to iplayer it now though… sounds gorgeous!
    Can’t say I was impressed by much this week at all ….ummmm, well maybe Kimberley had improved a bit.
    I’m with you on the themed stuff… lets get back to the DANCING!


  3. I agree with you about the themes, Natasha. Just detracts from the dancing. A lot of the couples mess about for 20-30 seconds before they actually start dancing.

    And, as a big cricket fan, I like Michael Vaughan a lot as a person. But he simply can’t feel the music – I don’t think that something that can be taught – so in a way being eliminated would be a merciful release for him. I actually think he’s working really hard and memorising all the steps etc. and he simply can’t understand why the judges are being so mean to him 🙂


    • Michael is working really hard and not once has that been acknowledged by the judges! I don’t think he will survive many more weeks but he has been one of my favourite sportsmen ever on the show!


      • Yeah, unfortunately I think he’ll be gone next week. If he could magically sort out his timing, he might stand a chance of progressing a bit further. He is a genuinely nice guy, so I hate seeing some of the vitriol being thrown at him on other websites.

        On a more general note, a large proportion of the male population of this country incorrectly believe dancing to be somehow effete or even “gay”. It would be helpful to have more people like Michael – who are not pop stars, not actors, not in showbiz – come on the show and work hard and do well and make steady improvements and generally prove that dancing can be fun, even if you’re not naturally adept at it. At the moment, all he’s getting for his hard work is ridicule, which is a shame.

        (Obviously, Ramps won it in 2006, but he was a natural, and I don’t think many blokes could relate to him in the same way as to Michael).

        Great blog, by the way!


      • One of the best comments I have ever received! (as in, I agree with it completely 100%!)
        And thank you!


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