Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Results – Week 2


Last night, our 14 wonderful couples danced with drive and determination conjuring up some jolly jiving (Denise), sizzling salsas (Dani) and some interpretive dancing (Michael, Jerry and Johnny). But for one of our couples their best was just not good enough and they will be eliminated by the judges after going head-to-head with another couple in the dance-off.

After a two year rest break, the dance-off has returned to the Sunday night results show which sees the two couples with the lowest amount of votes dancing again in a bid to be saved by the judges. Invariably, the reinstatement of the dance-off encountered mixed reception. Some thought it good whilst others bad, as is with everything in the world really. I’m personally a dance-off fan because I think it gives the celebrities that extra little spark of determination – nobody wants to redo something they have just done an hour of so before. I also hope that the fact of the elimination decision falling upon the judges, that the ‘joke’ voting will become a thing of the past. Although this goes the other way as well, and two excellent couples end up facing the axe which causes mighty upset. The jury is still out.

Professional routine

Brilliant idea for a two-half dance – I’m not sure why but it just adds enjoyment to the routine. Also the partner switching really added to the storytelling of the dance – I’ve been told it was Good vs. Evil. Amazing concept for a dance, real infusion of dancing! Loved it!

And my ears are obviously a bit funny today because Twitter tells me that wasn’t extraordinarily loud clapping at the beginning…but it was, right?


Longer than last night’s show. Been watching some guy preparing the free-fall instead.

Safe: Nicky and Karen, Denise and James, Lisa and Robin, Louis and Flavia, Fern and Artem and Kimberley and Pasha.

Danger: Johnny and Iveta

Claudia waffle

Upshot of this is that Fern elbowed Louis in the face when he congratulated her and that’s about it.

And next week is our first theme week! Strictly Goes to Hollywood.

Lens Lens

WHY DO THIS TO ME BBC? I prayed for this not to come back. I even begged publically on MSN (well, stated anyway…)

Len has been found to have been singing through jives, Craig was attacked by James Van Outen and Darcey wiped lipstick off from around his mouth with a saliva filled hankie and Richard’s facial expressions made him like even stupider during his dancing.

Oh, and Bruno saw a dead kitten and cried….or Michael’s jive.

Saved: Colin and Kristina, Victoria and Brendan, Dani and Vincent, Sid and Ola, Jerry and Anton and Michael and Natalie.

Danger: Richard and Erin 

Claudia take two

Saved couples are still elated they are living to fight another week. Funny that.

Jerry will be dancing to ‘Mrs Robinson’ next week for Hollywood week.

Scissor Sisters

I do love Ana Matronic and Jake Shears…ever so.

This song is weird – but I sort of love it, catchiness! They have their own dancers (who have apparently been in fights with animals) but it was a rather bland performance.

Dance-off – Richard and Erin

Seeing this again is just fantastic! This routine is utterly bonkers. It was marginally better the second time, it seems as if he kept in time a bit longer before he lost it and went his own bizarre way.

Dance-off – Johnny and Iveta

Johnny Ball and Iveta remind me of that awkward first dance that girls have to do with their father’s at their Batmitzvah’s. He was even more wooden than the first time around. Didn’t even look at his footwork.


So Johnny Ball becomes the first casualty of the ballroom – the correct decision I think. Jerry next week. Hollywood style elimination!

Next Saturday we are off to Beverley Hills (virtually speaking) for a dazzling week of glitz and glamour…and that’s just those pesky props.

For now, Iveta get going…


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  1. Right decision I think, feel a bit sorry for Aliona can’t be nice to have seen Jonny go out knowing there’s no chance of her returning to dance now. I think Jerry and Victoria are now the weakest left, Denise is my current favourite on pure dance talent.


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