Strictly Come Dancing 2012 – THE LINE-UP!!


We are all another year older since we last had a reveal day (or indeed started this reveal), but it didn’t stop BBC Strictly from treating us like we are little toddlers. Last Thursday night, we played the worst guessing game in history because ANYTHING COULD BE ANYONE. All we knew then was that Dani Harmer was celebrity outfit four because Tracy Beaker confirmed she was ditching Elaine the Pain and doing the show – after her own show went down the swanny. Much like my childhood now.

guessing frocks

We woke up Friday morning to celebrity outfit one being for Daybreak annoyance Richard Arnold! Not too sure why he was released early, he’s hardly ground-breaking, but it could have been to stop the press from leaking it when the papers came. I just hope he doesn’t take after Lobb last year.

It transpired that the actual celebrity line-up reveal is today (Monday) meaning those irritating little clues dripped out all weekend drive me to the brink of insanity. On last Friday’s One Show, Nicky Byrne was added to the official line up after a truly painful half an hour episode.

Saturday came and went and we got a couple of things. 1) The Sun’s 12-person line-up and 2) confirmation of Kimberley Walsh joining the ‘class of 2012’. Then we got some dodgy photographs of contestants in Brucie masks and then all was quiet for the weekend. This morning was confirmation of Victoria Pendleton and then it was the afternoon wait…although by then we already pretty much knew.

nd_099The official celebrity line-up was revealed- well confirmed- live on The One Show  by ex-contestants Alex Jones and Matt Baker. And so now we know AT LAST…so here it is!

Celebrity One: Actress Dani Harmer who is best known for her role as Tracy Beaker.

Celebrity Two: Journalist and ITV Daybreak’s Showbiz presenter Richard Arnold.

Celebrity Three: Singer Nicky Byrne of Westlife fame.

Celebrity Four: Girls Aloud stunner Kimberley Walsh.

Celebrity Five: Retired Olympic Cyclist and London 2012 Gold medal winner Victoria Pendleton

Celebrity Six: Pommel Horse London 2012 Silver medallist Louis Smith

Celebrity Seven: Former Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley

Celebrity Eight: Mick Jagger’s ex and supermodel Jerry Hall

Celebrity Nine: Presenter and theatre actress Denise Van Outen

Celebrity Ten: Children’s television presenter (and father of Zoe) Johnny Ball

Celebrity Eleven: The token Eastenders actor Sid Owen

Celebrity Twelve: Presenter and personality Fern Britton

Celebrity Thirteen: Retired Yorkshire and England star cricketer Michael Vaughan

Celebrity Fourteen: Resident Evil actor Colin Salmon


That the whole lead-up to the half line-up reveal was an infuriating waste of time. We didn’t want or need silly little clues; we just wanted a list of celebrities. Friday was bad enough but then to stall until Monday when the tabloids revealed it anyway was just so infuriating – especially for the blogging side of things.

Celebrity wise, Dani Harmer is one to watch because she’s young, bubbly, likable and, most importantly, she was very promising with her dancing on Let’s Dance. Kimberley Walsh and Nicky Byrne are, I guess, the ‘eye candy’ votes and we should expect to see the former in very skimpy costumes and the latter without a buttoned-up shirt most of the time. Team GB out in force this year – looking forward to seeing Vic Pendleton. All the aforementioned I am tipping to be good.

Not as enthusiastic about Richard Arnold, Lisa Riley and Fern Britton mostly because their voices grate on me. I know, bad reasoning but right now it’s the only one I’ve got. Also, Fern will be a lot of work as we saw from the Christmas special – but she could be a surprise.

Celeb-Pro Pairing Predictions:

Dani Harmer – Vincent Simone

Richard Arnold – Flavia Cacace

Nicky Byrne – Ola Jordan(/Kristina Rihanoff)

Kimberley Walsh – Artem Chigvintsev(/James Jordan)

Victoria Pendleton – Brendan Cole(/James Jordan)

Louis Smith – Kristina Rihanoff

Lisa Riley – Anton Du Beke(/Robin Windsor)

Jerry Hall – Pasha Kovalev(/Anton Du Beke)

Denise Van Outen – James Jordan(/Brendan Cole)

Johnny Ball – Aliona Vilani(/Ola Jordan)

Sid Owen – Karen Hauer(/Aliona Vilani)

Fern Britton – Robin Windsor(/Anton Du Beke)

Michael Vaughan – Erin Boag(/Natalie Lowe)

Colin Salmon – Natalie Lowe(/Erin Boag)

….the ones in brackets are basically my second guesses – cheating I know but, hey.

And where next?

Firstly, I don’t have to watch The One Show again for another year.

The Strictly Come Dancing 2012 launch show is on BBC1 on Saturday 15th September 2012 at 6.30pm.

However, it is actually filmed on Wednesday, so if you watch Digital Spy’s forums, who knows what you may find…

Natasha x


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  1. Fab review , very much agree with u over the annoying drip feed of celebs this yr .


  2. Great blog – always nice to have explanations of all of the line up (there is invariably someone I’ve never heard of lol).

    This year the producers are sending a clear message that SCD is coming out fighting – a great line up and the return of the dance off, combined with the new, high profile (and presumably expensive) new judge. But the show is always about the contestants and there are three in particular that have caught my eye…

    Being an bit of an oldie, I will start off by saying how fab it is to see Johnny Ball back. He was my favourite presenter when i was little. I always think that SCD really shows a person’s true personality and I hope he comes over well and is given a chance by the viewers.

    I am also a cricket fan – and Mick Vaughan was known for being a very graceful, classical batsman. I suspect he will be rather like Matt Dawson – excellent at the ballroom but rather stiff at the latin. He comes across as a rather “matey” type of bloke but has two lovely kids (Tallulah and Archie) who may steal the show when they pop up.

    I adore Colin Salmon as an actor. He is a terrifically handsome fella (I’m extremely jealous as some men get looks, intelligence and athletic ability whilst the rest of us don’t get any lol). I wonder how he will fair – i suspect he will be rather stiff and need a lot of coaching to get him into shape.

    The others look the usual mix of singing starlets, actresses etc. I wonder how the (very) driven Victoria Pendleton will come across – the public tend not to react well to naked ambition and will to win on SCD. I think the nation will fall in love with Denise Van Outen as she is an old pro who knows how to play this game. My ultimate winner comes probably from Kimberly Walsh and Louis Smith.

    Lets get the glitter ball rolling and crank up the band…..


  3. Quite liked the way the Beeb did it actually, unfortentely things being what they are people want to know things straight away, in a world without press leaks (yeah right) it may have worked better.
    Dance off don’t like it the last two series were won by the best two contestensts and the top three in each series made the final and they were both fun series the dance off is a step back to the trouble of series 6/7 for me.


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