The new Strictly ‘Special K’

I’m not bitter. Just pointing out some BBC issues.

Now before you turn away, this isn’t a blog post on why Karen Hauer is the wrong choice for the new female professional dancer for BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing 2012 series. I know nothing about her, do not wish to know much about her at this present moment (okay maybe I am a bit bitter) and am sure that she will bring something to the show come fall (unless she is another Jared in which case she should leave. Now)

I am, however, disappointed at the way in which this whole saga has been handled. Whereas you would probably expect me to now point out Karen’s flaws, I’m instead going to look at some BBC flaws – because it just seems more fun.

Firstly, this is Karen Hauer of Burn The Floor ‘fame’. A show I never saw so a female dancer unbeknown to me.

But now, my BBC critique.

On Wednesday when we awoke to the news my first qualm lies with the fact that it was broken via Tabloid. Okay, so most entertainment news starts with the rags because that is what they do. However, as the day went on, still no BBC word. The papers were quoting ‘official BBC source’ but still this source seemed to have gone shtum. I feel that the BBC should have broken this news with a press release like every other year and then a separate press release to introduce the new professional.

Today, Saturday, I’ve been shopping (because nobody seems to get up that early) and returned too a barrage of messages about Karen Hauer and a very sweet BBC Strictly tweet. Aw, now they wake up. Instead of addressing the fact that they have ditched Katya, they leave it to you to spot the missing name from the line-up scrawled at the bottom. Again, fair enough, it seems rude but we don’t know the circumstances in which Katya departed the show. Still, acknowledgement of how fantastic she was to the show might be nice. Thank her maybe? Or did the remaining manners leave with Moira Ross when she skipped to run The Voice into the ground?

Now, a quote:

“Karen is trained as a dancer and choreographer and has worked with some of the biggest stars in the world, including Jennifer Lopez

And another quote from earlier on in the week:

“She is not as high profile as some of the other female dancers”

Katya has worked with Jennifer Lopez too. And Richard Gere. And been in Take The Lead. And helped with Bollywood. I’m not saying this makes her ‘high profile’ but if ditching Katya because she isn’t ‘high profile’ then it implies that they feel Karen is high enough because she has worked with ‘some of the biggest stars in the world’ – which is this case turns out to be the same one as her predecessor. If you are going to look for reasons to justify a choice, at least do your homework first.

And anyway, Katya had been on STRICTLY Live! Tour, STRICTLY cruises and of course her own tour – how do they think these dancers build up their names if it isn’t for doing all this? If you are a fan of the show you know of the dancers. Simple as. But I’m not going to argue about that – its personal taste and though which, although this blog is, doesn’t belong in this post.

In summation, really all I am saying is that I felt the BBC could have and should have handled this a little better. To somebody who isn’t necessarily exposed to Tabloid reads and doesn’t Tweet, they may not have even known it was Katya who had be kicked and that looks even worse on the BBC’s behalf. They needed to announce it. In the articles they thanks Katya for her role on the show – so how hard would it have been for the controller to come out and say that officially?

That is all. Such chutzpah they have.


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  1. I’m sure everyone else that has left has at least had their departure acknowledged in some way … it does appear to be “spot the missing pro” and Katya certainly does deserve better than that! Especially after 3 series!!


    • It doesn’t even come into it how she departed really, or what they thought of her – she gave up her time to do something so it should be acknowledged. However NOT acknowledging it would have been slightly better than what appears to be a made up BBC source!


  2. lesleyafield

    there will always something to moan about in SCD. People move on or are moved on get over it- Enjoy the programme for what it is ENTERTAINMENT


    • Or reality, it seems to move when it feels like it. I’m only pointing something out but as for the actual professional swap, I’ve heard good things about Karen. Just don’t know much about her, probably due to not following SYTYCD USA.

      Yeah people move on, I get that, she may have even wanted to move on not be moved on but it just seems weird that the departure hasn’t really been acknowledged. That is all 🙂


  3. I’m pretty sure that Katya was removed due to the fact that she has been in the bottom five every year, just saying…..
    Oh, and she has been really rude in the last couple of years, which is a valid excuse to get rid of her, and it is very nice to have a new professional on the show. Look how good Artem and Robin have been!


    • Bottom 5? How do you mean? She placed in the top 5 with Gavin….

      Anyway I’m not even arguing over whether it is wrong or right for Katya to be gone, I’m focusing mainly on the BBC reception. And yes, Karen seems like she could really bring something to the show. 🙂


    • Last year was the only time she’s finished in the bottom half of the whole competition, let alone in the bottom five. If we’re just looking at placing records alone she’s no worse than Kristina or Flavia.


      • TO be fair though Flavia has only been in the bottom half twice once cause she was voted out week one and the other time she was voted out too early. the rest of the time shes been 2nd or middle and shes actually does alot choreography wise and pro wise. As for Kristina you can have that one! Katya has only had one dud and that was Dan and im sorry but he was rude and not nice and didnt want to be there!


      • yes! Dan did have a terrible attitude! You just cannot work with some people!


  4. Hmm. Non-story if you ask me. Sounds like the information was leaked and the BBC took a while to respond, but otherwise business as usual. Whatever the reason behind why she left, its not really of that much interest – and perhaps she’d rather it that way. The dancers work as freelancers. One season of Strictly is actually a pretty long gig. There is no reason to expect everyone’s contract to be renewed every year – in fact, I find it pretty boring to see all the same faces every year. Anton particularly bores me nowadays…


    • Yeah in some respects I think it might be silly of us to assume the cast will be the same again each year! Nothing stays the same forever. Have heard the case for Anton to be booted oh so many times. I wonder what actually is keeping him there?


  5. I totally agree with you . Everything is so true and think they have made a really big mistake as Katya was amazing


  6. Totally agree with you Tash!!! No one should be treated like this regardless of how high or low profile is! BBC are dumwits! At this rate we’ll have the winners of SYTYCD as all the pros of SCD!! No offence to Karen but she’s a nobody and this may well be another Jared case! Sad but true! As for someone saying Katya was rude I can name at least two pros who are rude they never got the chop so why Katya?!?!


  7. Tasha I agree with everything you said.
    I was really annoyed that they didnt mention her at all.
    Yeah we don’t know why shes not there this year and the we know nothing about Karen.
    but that doesn’t mean the beeb have to ignor the fact that katya was there for 3 years and was really respected by her follow pros and loved by fans!


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