Strictly no more Kat

You can hear my sobs across the globe.

Well my first day of A level FREEDOM, Wednesday 20th June 2012, and I wake up to news to find that my favourite professional dancer, lifetime inspiration and somebody whom I have been blessed to know these past few years, Miss Katya Virshilas is to waltz no more on BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing. The last dance is over. Save the last dance…well for the wedding I guess.

The other professionals, however, will remain and return. This was first confirmed by well-known rag but sadly good-with-talent-show shit paper The Sun and then appeared in fellow best-selling shit-shovellers The Mirror and Daily Mail. Distraught, I prayed it was a horrible mistake BUT then other professionals took to Twitter to confirm their Autumn time job and Kristina Rihanoff confirmed to me that she would miss Katya ever so much. So folks, it’s true.

Yes I think it’s the wrong decision if I were to look and it from a BBC show perspective; Katya brought her own personality, talent and teaching ability to the show. However, although it’ll be that little bit worse for me without my favourite dancer but as long as Katya is happy in whatever is next for her and it was by mutual consent than I can get over it.

But this isn’t really about me nor am I about to ask how you feel about the decision considering we do not know circumstances. I am, however, asking if you feel that the cull needed more oomph. Do you feel this shake-up is a little bland? Maybe their were other professionals you weren’t happy with? And whom would you like to see fill Katya’s place on the show?

Comment below and let me know. I’m here all summer now, I have time to chat. Drop me a line – cheer me up for now. In fact, if you don’t comment I might be forced to retreat to my kindle and have to read 50 Shades of Grey. Save me some IQ points guys.

And I’ll add the official BBC statement in later….if we get one.

Tata for now x


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  1. My favourite too. I just finished my exams literally half an hour ago. I do hope that, as you say, it was by mutual consent that she is no longer on it. Btw my baby half-brother was born 🙂


  2. Agree with everything… for a change. Haha.

    I’d have preferred if more were replaced. Robin doesn’t do a lot for me, same with Kristina. The current pros don’t really grab my attention and make me want to watch it like they have in previous series, even though I don’t dislike any of them.

    I was quite surprised (but glad) Vincent and Flavia are back. I was expecting them to be dropped because they don’t do the Strictly tour anymore and have been given not so great great partners in the last few series.

    Anyway, great blog, wishing Katya all the best with what she decides to do. 🙂


    • Ah we agree! This cannot do! 😛

      Yeah I thought the same RE Vincent and Flavia because of the success of MT as well and just how much they have taken off! But I like them, so I don’t begrudge them staying! No bitterness here 🙂


  3. Saw Shades of Grey in the shops today, any good?


  4. I’m surprised that Katya’s leaving, especially after the Strictly tour, her tour with Pasha and then the cruise. I’d prefer it if it was Katya’s decision, but at the very least I hope it was mutual. Good luck to Katya in whatever her next venture is.

    I was prepared for more of a Strictly shake-up so just one change seems tame. I’m now guessing there’ll be more format changes within the show to keep people talking.


    • Actually Helen, that is a VERY good point! And also her own tour even being ‘An evening with stars of Strictly etc’. I guess that does make me wonder a bit more! But then that could mean it was more of her wish!


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