The missing Strictly spot is filled!

And nobody seems to be overly thrilled.

Today the BBC announced that the new BBC Strictly Come Dancing judge would be……DARCEY BUSSELL.

A ballerina.

Say what?

I mean, yes she knows how to move but to me she seems so specialised and specific. Darcey isn’t Ballroom or Latin trained – probably has less experience than Alesha really. Alesha recognised the genres – she did it after all. But, last time Darcey was a ‘guest’ judge on the show all she seemed to do was copy Craig. Plus, I never liked her then. She grates on me. I have an issue with this.

But I want to know, do you have a problem with this?

And once you tell me, I want to know who you think it should have been! This, by the way, was the speculation poll.

And I will not be happy if we have ‘Ballet Week’ this year either…


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  1. I don’t think Darcy was a particularly bad choice. She was only filling in last time and I think didn’t have time to think about her role. I suspect most people who watch the show (and ITT) will have developed a healthy respect for Karen Hardy and she seemed a logical choice. Perhaps the powers at the Beeb didn’t think she was a big enough name but before Season 1 who had heard of Len, Craig or Bruno outside of the dance world. An opportunity missed I think – but Darcy has enough dancing credibility for me to give her a good chance.


    • If I am honest, I think Darcey’s name was enhanced (for my generation at least) by her being on Strictly. If you are not into ballet you have no reason to know her. But if you are in to Strictly you know Karen(s)!


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