Put-up in Chelsea – Why I am finding it hard to get into this series of Made in Chelsea

At this present moment in time, I feel Pinocchio tells more truth.

Last year when Made in Chelsea first hit E4, I knew it was something special. I was hooked from the word go on the lifestyles of the privileged and what they chose to get up too.  I followed them, along with many, throughout the weeks of show and also literally on twitter – seeing every twist, turn, bust-up and break-up of the series. The show genuinely excited me. It was all we talked about. The only thing on Facebook at 11.01pm on a Monday. Barrages of tweets throughout the show filled my homepage. Hot topic of conversation on Tuesday morning in the Common Room. I found myself wanting to live these lives along with this rich people I had never seen before. Wanted Caggie and Spencer to be together. Hugo and Millie to sort it out. Ollie to get a bloody haircut. My life was, too, in Chelsea for the duration of the series. And the same for Series 2.

So when Series 3 made its first appearance in my TV Guide for Monday 2nd April I was naturally excited for the return. As were a lot of people. But where we now all differ is that they seem to be enjoying it. I, on the other hand, am not. Here is why:

1. The characters seem to have lost their personalities.

The vibrancy of Chelsea seems to have disappeared. As I said, I previously lived with the characters – some of them reached out to me and I liked them. Some, not so much. I felt as if the characters had something to offer me – Caggie and Millie were sweet, Rosie could be a little horrible, Ollie was annoying and Spencer and Hugo were simply dashing. However, this time around, it feels as if the producer has told them to act like woods. They are black and white shadows of who they used to be; and grey isn’t a very interesting colour either. Take Caggie for instance, for the past two weeks she has just flitted in and out of scenes with next to no lines. She’s just there. Pointlessly and looking pretty. When Caggie was on screen she was feisty yet jolly. Now, nothing. A bland canvas. Much like the rest of my outlook on the show.

2. The cast and producers alike seem to think we are stupid.

I’m not generalising, I swear. It’s just, I know Chelsea is (in some respects) a different world but it seems there is more and more ‘created for your entertainment’ and less ‘reality’ in this series. For example, after months and months of the show trying to throw Caggie and Spencer together, they pretend this never happened by saying ‘they didn’t talk’ when Caggie went to Australia. This may be true, but do they honestly think that is all that Spencer got annoyed about? Really now? That just makes him sound like some overprotective idiot which was know is not him because of how unkind he was towards Funda last series. Secondly and sticking with Spencer, we can hazard a guess that he really isn’t as egoistic and as much as a general knob-head as he appears. The whole debacle with Jamie – really now?! Why would Jamie still actually be talking to him AND CONTEMPLATING LIVING WITH HIM if Spencer treated him like that?! It is clear to me that the producers have told Spencer to act like an idiot because he is the closest thing to it that they have. It was be impossible for him to keep a life with that attitude. He would have nobody. Plus I know from people who have met Spencer that he isn’t all that horrible in real life – he is actually very nice.

So my argument here is that the whole thing is put up. And that say ‘for our entertainment’ – let me get back to you on that one. In any road, I could go on with examples but I feel I am babbling. Onwards.

Oh and another thing – all that money the boys spend on education and all they can do is call each other ‘bro’ and swear? I shan’t imagine they actually converse like that in everyday life….off camera.

3. Too many characters seem to have appeared.

This point is short. Richard, Kimberly and Harriet – who are you and where did you spring from? And why do we need more characters? It’s confusing enough as it is.

4. I’ve realised that the cast shouldn’t actually be famous.

They are a bunch of rich snobs and if I had the misfortune of lunching with them I would possibly throw wine all over them and walk out. Especially true of Mark-Francis. He really is in another world. His own lonely world.

But seriously now, what are they actually in the limelight for? Being rich. In post-modern consumerist society, we seem to have heavy emphasis on money and branding – two things the show excels on. Realistically, that is all crap though. Money CANNOT buy you happiness in my eyes. It can help but it cannot achieve it for you. What is something they are all missing? Family. And what is life without a group of beings to share it with? In my view anyway.

I am guilty of it in the past, but we place ourselves in the same line as these Chelsea people and we just aren’t. We want to look like them. We can’t. Speak like them. No can do. Have the same experiences in life as they do. Certainly not. The fact of the matter is that we live in the real world and they only think they do. Or maybe their ‘reality’ is different to that of most of their viewers. Either way, we aren’t them.

With the exception of Caggie, Mille, Francis and maybe Jamie (who shows signs of entrepreneurial talent) the cast actually don’t have anything to offer us. Without the show, Caggie could sing. Without the producers help, Mille could be a make-up artist. Francis had his business before E4 came along. And Jamie, well, he shows promise that he would be okay if Made In Chelsea ended tomorrow. My point is, the others are just there. They act how they are told to act but don’t really have anything to offer us. If the whole series was scrapped, where would they be? Still rich and still doing jack with their lives whilst the rest of the world moved without them.

So, thus far, this is how I feel. It’s long winded I know but I wanted to get it out there. I’m not sure I’ll watch the rest of the series and if I do I shall re-review on the last week to assess my rant and maybe re-adjust it. My main issue is that the ‘scenes created for your enjoyment’ seem to have taken over the whole show. I don’t know about you, but the scenes that were reality were the most interesting for me. The real life workings of these people. How they really felt. Really acted. It seems to ‘Made’ in the title really means a whole different thing now.

All in all, I’ve come to the startling realisation that this isn’t reality. This is just a fictional posh soap opera. Watch out Doctors.


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