Let’s Dance for Sport Relief – First blood

5 weeks of things that just can’t be unseen.


Personally, I prefer Comic Relief and I am not actually sure why. Maybe it’s the Comic part. Or maybe I just prefer the noses with the funny faces, pirate get-up and hair. As opposed to Sport Relief bald and bland noses; much like the show, come to think of it.

Anyway, being a BBC creation, dancing naturally ebbs its way into the equation and since 2009, the 4 Saturdays preceding Comic/Sport Relief weekend play host to a bunch of celebrities dressing up (sometimes in drag – see earlier link) and performing a dance routine to then beg for our votes to let them dance again in the final the Saturday 17th March – the winner performing on the Big Weekend. With some stupidly terrible and boring VT’s. But it’s all for a good cause so we vote. Actually, we love a good phone vote anyhow. The Big Weekend, by the way, is Friday 23rd March 2012- Sunday 25th March 2012.

Tonight, Saturday 18th February 2012, is batch one (or ‘heat’ one as Wikipedia likes to call it) and performing for us tonight are Tony Blackburn and David Hamilton (yay!), Terry Alderton (who?), Tameka ‘Kim’ Empson and Laurie ‘Jane’ Brett (of Easties fame!), Darren Gough (Strictly champion 2005!) and Angelos Epithemou and Ulrika Jonsson (Sven’s ex. Nancy’s nemisis. I see a theme occurring).

Presenters throughout the weeks are the unrelated Alex Jones and Steve Jones. The judges for tonight are Keith Lemon, Greg Davies and Graham Norton. Music from Jessie J and JLS

Tameka ‘Kim’ Empson and Laurie ‘Jane’ Brett – Telephone

There was absolutely no dancing in that VT. Good start.

It’s quite well choreographed actually – some of the real moves and all! They are seriously not as bad as I thought! They are in time with the music, in time with each other and actually hitting some decent moves. Wow, they don’t show you that on Eastenders! Not half bad.

I see the tone for the evening has been lowered…11 minutes in.

Terry Alderton – Proud Mary

Oh for the love of humanity!

Fast routine though I can give him that! Ha, he can’t actually keep up with himself? I probably should be laughing but I’m not because I don’t actually find him entertaining as a comic. But, yeah, respect to him. Goodbye dignity.

And you know what is tragic? This is called a ‘dancing’ show whilst Strictly is apparently ‘entertainment’!

Darren Gough – Mambo West Side Story

Yes, Strictly is a bit like Hotel California. You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave Goughie!

Awww! It’s the hips and those lines again! Look at those arm placements – see you don’t lose it! Little solo as well. But the choreography wasn’t as tricky as it should have been. But this isn’t a dancing show really it’s more entertainment despite what it is dubbed and that was entertaining so hey.

He looks like Brian from Coronation Street!

Tony Blackburn and David Hamilton – Push It!

Oh the hilarity!

I’m actually raving in my seat here! They look like Grandfathers at a Bar Mitzvah! Not really much dancing to comment on but I managed to kill myself laughing throughout the whole routine. It’s just them – they are legends! Brave dressing like that as well. However, I think they should have dressed as Salt and Pepper.

Angelos Epithemou and Ulrika Jonsson – El Tango de Roxanne

Words cannot describe how much I detest this man. And that is the end of me watching the Moulin Rouge.

Shockingly, it wasn’t unbearable. She actually has some nice leg extensions there. For a Tango which isn’t meant to be anywhere near good, it wasn’t technically bad! Entertainment wise it was alright as well. Although it would have helped if they had more of a personality between them.

So that is the ‘dancing’ over! Now its time to raise some money for charity!

I would like to see Tameka and Laurie and Goughie through to the final. One gets the public vote and one the judges. We shall see in 20 minutes or so. But first, it’s music time!

Jessie J

I really like her right now because she is awesome on record and also very good live! Apart from the artist habit or adlibbing with their own song, she’s not whiney like so many are. Not sure about the outfit though…at all…

Ah it was Richard Marcel’s choreography!


Such a brilliant thing to do, to travel to these countries. To see it and to help. Wow. These videos always make me cry – it’s shocking how others live. Makes you see really. Puts life into perspective.

Singing wise – I am not a fan. Enough.

Long long long awaited results – who goes through?

Public vote and winner of tonight: Tameka and Laurie!

Judges vote: Terry! 2-1.

Ahhh it’s done. Now over to Take Me Out!

I hope you enjoyed my blog. I tried to make it funny and not too boring.

Same time next week? Yes? I’m not actually sure if it is…I presume!

See you! Try not to have nightmares about Terry!

Natasha x


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  1. Deary me, it gets worse doesnt it, but as usual the lady gaga and the man in a dress go through. I dont know who that man in a dress is but he should be careful how he sits on future shows.


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