Dancing On Ice – No need for the rink…

Could have hosted this weeks in my garden really.

Dire weather isn’t it?! At least it has been thawing today but my god did it come down! Anyway, hope everybody is safe and well – unharmed by the snow.

As for ITV’s longest asset, it’s POP WEEK. YIPPEEFLAMINGCIAAY. And if the theme isn’t bad enough, One Direction are on. Actually, could do worse. Could we? I’m going to say yes for the benefit of my life. Back to a lot of skating this week as DUALLING was a one hit wonder, so lets buckle up for a long 2 hours. My money has to be on one MJ song, one Adele song and one Britney song.

One Direction

Are they too cool to sing vaguely near the ice? In case they fall? Hmm, but nice to see a talent showcase.

Jennifer Ellison and Dan Whiston – Vogue skate

Jam packed start there! Lucky it went okay, one false mood could have completely thrown her off. Look at that upside down spin! Impressive! She really does have talent and she isn’t stagnant just yet – Jen is certainly growing in both skill and confidence each week!

Judges scores = Louis 6, Robin 5.5, Katarina 5.5 = 17/30

Sam Nixon and Alexandra Schauman – Wake me up before you go-go skate

Firstly, he doesn’t look like George Michael. Secondly, he is surprisingly steady given the fuss in the VT! Could have gone wrong but it didn’t. Lifts went well, skating was neat and the choreography showed him off! Best skate to date.

‘Wham bam Sam steps’? Ermm?

Judges scores = Louie 5, Robin 5.5, Katarina 6 = 16.5/30

Charlene Tilton and Matthew Gonzalez – Poker face skate

Oh dear lord. That outfit. Well, she’s walking and spinning. Not too sure about skating because she spent most of that routine off the ground or stationary.

Judges scores = Louie 5, Robin 4, Katarina 4.5 = 13.5/30

Sebastien Foucan and Brianne Delcourt – Fire with fire skate

I enjoyed him last week so excited for this! Think he is turning into a fine little skater actually – not too cocky but yet enough confidence to improve steadily. Fast routine and some tricky jumps and spins in there as well – showcased his job and also his ability well. Jane and Chris must have such faith in him!

Judges scores = Louie 7, Robin 7.5, Katarina 7 = 21.5/30

Heidi Range and Andrei Lipanov – Price tag skate

Andrei looks like he belongs in the Mafia. Anywho, love the choreography here! Lots of tricky lifts, spins and swings. She is definitely getting to know the ice better but not her best skate to date!

Judges scores = Louie 6, Robin 5, Katarina 5.5 – 16.5/30

Andy Whyment and Vicky Ogden – 500 miles skate

Da da da da! Comedy element.

Brave start for so long on his own! Owning the ice there Andy! Hahaha! Bit unsteady on the backwards box steps but otherwise good. Loving the lift, very impressive! Ending was a bit of a mess though.

Judges scores = Louie 5, Robin 6, Katarina 6.5 – 17.5/30

Chemmy Alcott and Sean Rice – Loco motion skate

Woo that’s 1 I win! Think Chemmy is back in the game! Superb stamina, lovely lifts and neat footwork. Not looking down at all like she had a tendency to do as well! Plus, look at that smile!

Judges scores = Louie 5.5, Robin 7.5, Katarina 7 = 20/30!

Matthew Wolfenden and Nina Ulanova – Look of love skate

He is such a brilliant skater! Honestly looks professional! Confident, quirky and obviously full of strong talent. Brilliant partnership as well – Nina really trusts him! Wonderful routine for one so under rehearsed.

Judges scores = Louie 8.5, Robin 8, Katarina 6.5 = 23/30

Chico and Jodeyne Higgins – Don’t stop moving skate

Bit of S Club! I like! Typical Chico, real showman! He can actually skate as well which shocks me as I ruled him out week one! And he’s improving which each skate which is what this show is really all about – gone from walking about to fast skating which enough confidence to lift his partner as well. Decent routine.

Judges scores = Louie 7.5, Robin 7, Katarina 7 = 21.5/30

Rosemary Conley and Mark Hanretty – Perfect (?) skate

Not enjoying watching her skate to be honest. Pretty lifeless and stompy for the most part. Not seemingly improving. Maybe her time to leave?

Judges scores = Louie 4.5, Robin 5.5, Katarina 7 = 17/30

Jorgie Porter and Matt Evers – Hit me baby one more time skate

And lastly…

Knee spins to start, already complex and showing her off. Fast paced skating around the rink and jumps, tricks you name it in the routine! A lot more solo skating than from anybody this week. Best until last!

Judges scores = Louie 8.5, Robin 8, Katarina 7.5 = 24/30

And we’re done! That was a long show. Slightly boring in the middle but the end saved it for me! Now we have an hour before the results! Who will be permanently popping out? You decide.

Until then,

Natasha x


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