Dancing On Ice Results – Who’s game is up?

Crashing out tonight is…

Remember there are only 6 couples here! And Phil asking ‘who lost the duel?’ makes it sound like some Medieval showdown!

Saved: Jorgie and Matt, Sam and Alexandra, Jennifer and Dan and Andy and Vicky

The skate-off

Corey Feldman and Brooke Castile

He still annoys me. Despite the fact he performed better than earlier because he looked more sturdy, he is still annoying me. It’s hard to judge really because half the routine was obviously done by their fellow ‘duellers’ so looked…neater…

Charlene Tilton and Matthew Gonzalez

Never noticed last time how she started on her own but thought that was a brave start but on the whole the routine seemed more laboured than before. She did nearly stumble again a few times and it wasn’t as clean as before. She even messed up a lift. Uh oh.

Oh dear. I have to go with Corey. NOOO.

So, who to save?

Katarina Witt: Charlene and Matt.

Robin Cousins: Corey and Brooke.

Louie Spence: Charlene and Matt.


So, next week…roughly the same time. See you there. Wrap up warm.

Natasha x


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  1. The goonie is a gonner… Sorry had to be said! 😛 Glad to see him go although I am gutted for Brooke! She is so lovely and has the patience of a saint putting up with him!


  2. Think I may just have killed him if I had been Brooke!

    Agreed with your comments about the T & D number Tasha xx


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