Dancing On Ice – Ready, Steady, DUEL!

En garde.

When I heard it was a ‘duel’ this week, I immediately thought of RuneScape and the big place where you virtually duelled with other virtual people whilst making small talk and generally just losing IQ points. However, I have since been informed that it isn’t that and ‘Tashy1994’ as I once was many years ago can stay firmly locked in the realm of my younger self.

Normally at this point I would explain this twist of excitement to you but I honestly don’t really understand how it will work. Phillip and Christine informed us it involves skating celebrities against one another in a big for immunity and no judges will score tonight. Interesting! The couples will start together, solo skate for a few and then end together. Right, okay.

Chico and Jodeyne Higgins vs. Sam Nixon and Alexandra Schauman

Those jackets are burning my eyes.

Sam: He has stamina this week which is a good thing, always. Managing to stay upright and actually looks as if he is actually in control of the ice! Still looking down from time-to-time which he needs to knock on the head.

Chico: Outdid Sam from that opening lift/throw! The triple spin was perfectly executed and his landing was elegant as well. Full of tough choreography – massive improvement in his skating.

What is wrong with Louie’s shirt?!

Immune from elimination: Chico and Jodeyne. 3 votes to 0.

Sebastien Foucan and Brianne Delcourt vs. Jennifer Ellison and Daniel Whiston

Jennifer: Lots of tricks and lifts again and all perfectly executed. but for some unknown reason she just really irritates me – I can’t enjoy watching her. However, she has talent.

Seb: Very very strong skate! Loved the beat as well – seemed to fit his skate very well. Lots of footwork going on and he really can skate!

Immune from elimination: Sebastien and Brianne. 3 votes to 0.

Corey Feldman and Brooke Castile vs. Chemmy Alcott and Sean Rice

Corey: Just go now. Please. With your hair. Unsteady is parts, as per and kind of looks like a little kid skating at a party and not a competing adult! But at least he didn’t fall!

Chemmy: Improvement on last week – seems a little more sure of herself this week on the ice. Facial expressions really helping with the musical flow of the track which is enhancing her performance. Not as tricky of choreography as the first two skates but still good from her.

Immune from elimination: Chemmy and Sean. 3 votes to 0.

Jane Torvill, Christopher Dean and Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts

Personally preferred this on Strictly with Robin and Kristina dancing. And again, why is she ad- libbing with her own song?! Cannot stand it when artists do that! But my god them skating is just beautiful. So elegant. So graceful. So moving. Sometimes I am not sure about some of their lift positions though – some can be quite unflattering!

Heidi Range and Andrei Lipanov vs. Charlene Tilton and Matt Gonzalez

Charlene: She is just so cute! Stumbling around the ice trying to keep up with Matt! Odd lift that there was was very shaky. She doesn’t seem to be getting the hang of this.

Heidi: And she is a beautiful skater. I personally feel she has been overlooked thus far! Her composure and technique is flawless tonight anyhow. Very confident with those lifts as well.

Immune from elimination: Heidi and Andrei. 3 votes to 0.

Jorgie Porter and Matt Evers vs. Matthew Wolfenden and Nina Ulanova

The top of the range duel. And Matt Evers looks stunning.

Matthew: His speed is just outstanding! Look at him go! And to still do those lifts with a bad back as well deserves credit. But he is just so precise and so clean as a skater. High standard.

Jorgie: Another one at high standards here. Impressive lifts and fast choreography to show off her skills. Honestly, she could pass for a professional right now.

So close to call.

Immune from elimination: 2-1. Robin chooses Matthew and Nina.

Andy Whyment and Vicky Ogden vs. Rosemary Conley and Mark Hanretty

Andy: I just love his facial expressions. They just remind me of Chris Hollins of Strictly fame! ALSO, his skating seems to have improved here! His movement around the ice wasn’t so shoddy tonight and those lifts worked fine!

Rosemary: Even she is looking slightly more stable on the ice this week – and after stumbling in her first two weeks it must be even harder to focus! Little mix up at the end where she nearly went the wrong way but I liked it! Her best to date!

Immune from elimination: 1-1. Robin chooses Rosemary and Mark.

And so we are through the duel. Unharmed. But at 9.30 we shall return to the ice to see who is being batted out of the competition tonight! Remember Chico, Seb, Chemmy, Matt, Heidi and Rosemary are safe!

Until then,

Natasha x


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