Dancing On Ice Results – Annnnnd cut!

The show down. Please.

Just a few hours ago we saw our Class of 2012 all skate for survival! They gave it their all and showed us why they are in the competition – but one must go. And who?

Saved: Corey and Brooke (LOL THE PAUSE THERE!), Seb and Brianne, Chico and Jodeyne, Matt and Nina, Jorgie and Matt, Sam and Alexandra, Heidi and Andrei, Rosemary and Mark, Chemmy and Sean, Jennifer and Dan and Andy and Vicky!

Leaving Mark and Frankie and Charlene and Matt in the skate-off!

The Skate-Off!

Mark and Frankie

CLOSE THAT MOUTH MARKY! He does actually look like a penguin…

He seemed a little more unsteady this time around weirdly – like he wasn’t too sure what he was doing or suppose to be doing. Think he slipped up a few times as well. Uh oh ;/

Charlene and Matt

Dress looks even worse the second time about.

She certainly went for it that time! Not much improvement from the first time but it didn’t go downhill!


Robin saves = Charlene and Matt

Louie saves = Charlene and Matt

Katarina saves = Charlene and Matt

Probably the best result. Meaning Mark and Frankie are to leave the competition.

Until next week,

Natasha x


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