Dancing On Ice Results – Will I skate or will I go?

It’s go time.

What have those Macleans adverts got to do with toothpaste? Somebody tell me?

Earlier we saw 8 shaking celebrities (well…) skate it out for a place in next weeks full competition. We had ups and downs. High scores and low scores. The good and that bad. But now, the Great British Public have voted (probably not wisely) and one must go. But whom?

Saved: Rosemary and Mark, Matthew and Nina, Jennifer and Dan, Chico and Jodeyne, Sebastien and Brianne and Sam and Alexandra.

Skate-off: Laila and Lukasz and Corey and Brooke.


Laila Morse and Lukasz Rozycki – My girl skate

Possibly more unsteady than before if I am honest. Which is a shame, but it was. Seemed like she was completely leaning on Lukasz and looked as if she hated every second of it. Also, she was singing 100 to one. Oo er.

Corey Feldman and Brooke Castile – Summer of ‘69 skate

Hairgate number two.

That’s better there Corey, less looking down at your feet and more focused on the routine! Their middle section seemed more fluid this time around and Corey almost seemed more at ease with himself.

Think it has to be Corey Feldman. Sorry Laila Morse.

Who to save?

Louie Spence = Corey and Brooke

Katarina Witt = Corey and Brooke

Robin Cousins = Corey and Brooke

Fair enough. Bye bye Laila and Lukasz. She doesn’t seem too fussed.

Oh well, next week the real competition starts! We can’t wait!

See you then!

Natasha x


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