Dancing On Ice Results – First for the push?

Greetings! It’s one hour later and its time for ADVERTS ON ICE THE RESULTS.

It was a rather dull show actually wasn’t it? Minimal skating and a hell of a lot of messing about and ADVERTS and talking and ADVERTS and falling and talking and ADVERTS.

But now it is time to see who won’t be winning this year and will be flying out tonight! Back with a recap and the Skating Matrix. At least we don’t get LENS LENSEEEEE! Or do we get Louie’s Lens? Please no. Well we know they love Strictly…

Saved: Andy W and Vicky, Charlene and Matthew, Jorgie and Matt, Chemmy and Sean and [5 minutes later] Mark and Frankie. Oh ALLOW!

Could have a baby in those pauses! God sake!

It’s find a property again. Breathe. How adorable is that Andrex advert?!


Wrong result. And it means we have to hear that alien song again.

Heidi Range and Andrei Lipanov

E.T COME HOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Or Heidi, go homeeeeeee. Not sure.

She seems so confident on the ice! Look at her facial expressions! Like a rock! Her lines are beautiful too – she makes a really nice skater and I am scared we are not going to get to see more of her. Especially her capability with that flying lift thingy. I’d be out the door. Or in an ambulance. Either or.

Better than her first go. Woop.

Andy Akinwolere and Maria Filippov

Disco time again I see – Mick Jagger on ice with the MOOO-VES.

That scissor jumpy thing is weird isn’t it? Doesn’t really add anything and looks really horrific as well! He is clearly loving it though and he has a natural rhythm that compliments him well.

But he was weaker than Heidi and possibly weaker than his first go earlier so he should go. But it will be bittersweet because it should be Mark skating off.

Louie Spence = Heidi Range and Andrei Lipanov

Katarina Witt = *talks for 2 years* Andy Akinwolere and Maria Filippov

Robin Cousins = Heidi Range and Andrei Lipanov

What a shame – like, honestly. But the GPB strikes again. Is Mark the new Nancy Dell’Olio? Oops. Here we go  again.

But we cannot live in the past, and we shall persevere and see the next 8 couples next week! And Pixie Lott! And more adverts.

Will see you then!

Natasha x


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  1. I read it even though I didn’t watch it. Good blog apart from if I didn’t watch the programme I wouldn’t be entirely sure who was voted out. I had to guess that the judges votes were to save :p Anyway, 3rd on the leaderboard and voted out?? Noncense, don’t you think?


  2. Hee hee… ‘Adverts on Ice’ ! Looove it. xx


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