Greetings, Dancing on Ice

So, as we enter a new year we approach a new series of ITV’s cool (get it?) smash hit skating competition Dancing on Ice which will take us from the January rain all the way to the March sunshine (and my birthday!).

The line-up looks a little, well, odd really. The usual mush of soap stars and presenters with an old musician/singer type person thrown in. There are the oldies you know just won’t cut it and there are the ‘pretty’ people whom you can just look at and see the latter stages of the competition in their eyes. But perhaps the most striking issue with the line-up is the fact that there are 15 skaters – 7 ladies and 8 men. Which means one of three things:

1) 2 will skate out of the competition one week and 3 the following week in two stupid weeks beforehand like last year.

2) It’ll be a 15 horse race with one professional alone and out. Maybe because Sylvain Longchambon was injured. But then who dropped out? Okay so Keith Chegwin dropped out but then why couldn’t they just replace him…? And that would mean a man down not a woman…

3) They couldn’t find a 16th person willing to look like an idiot in those costumes.

Or all 3.

But anyway, here is the line-up. Courtesy of Daybreak who revealed it this morning. And the Daily Mail where I am copying the spelling from (I know, it kills me reading it as well)

The girls and their professionals

Actress Jennifer Ellison and Daniel Whiston.

Singer Heidi Range and Andrei Lipanov (after Sylvain Longchambon was injured)

Ski racer Chemmy Alcott and Sean Rice.

Hollyoaks leading lady Jorgie Porter and Matt Evers.

Fitness guru Rosemary Conley and Mark Hanretty (who are these two?)

‘Mo’ from Eastenders Laila Morse and Lukasz Rozycki.

Former Dallas star Charlene Tilton and Matt Gonzalez.

The boys and their professionals

The One and Only Chesney Hawkes and Jodeyne Higgins. Ironically, that was his only hit song. And as dire luck had it, he only had a few practices before being ruled it with a sprained ankle. To be replaced with CHICO – that guy with the demented clock.

Once young American actor Corey Feldman and Brooke Castile.

Blue Peter Presenter Andy Akinwolere and Maria Filippov.

Emmerdale hunk Matthew Wolfenden and Nina Ulanova.

Corrie’s village idiot ‘Kirk’ Andy Whyment and Vicky Ogden.

CBBC presenter and half of ‘Sam and Mark’ Sam Nixon and Alexandra Schauman.

CBBC presenter and the better-looking half (of above) Mark Rhodes and Frankie (who randomly doesn’t have a surname)

Freerunner Sebastien Foucan and Brianne Delcourt

So there it is, our 15 skaters and their school projects. All under the watchful eye of the wondering Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean of Sarajevo fame. Our new presenter for this year is Christine Bleakley who will now stand alongside Phillip Schofield. Meanwhile, the judging panel for 2012 will be Louie Spence (lord help me), Robin Cousins and Katarina Witt.

Dancing on Ice starts on Sunday 8th January on ITV1 at 6.30pm.

I shall be blogging ready to post at 8.30pm but you can also join me on twitter where I offer my live feed @tashalouise6

Until then, keep warm.

Natasha x


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  1. Delighted that you’re going to be blogging DOI 🙂 An interesting bunch (being an oldie I’ve heard of – and followed – Rosemary Conley’s diets for years) and a nice way to break in the New Year.


  2. Can’t say that the line up is inspiring but who knows? Think they have more trouble finding willing victims than Strictly though… it’s even harder to look elegant on ice!!


  3. Meant to say that it could be leathal too!!!


    • Indeed!

      If I was famous – or not so famous as is mostly the case – I wouldn’t go near the ice! I only arse skate! But Chemmy Alcott, I mean, seriously big risk!


  4. I won’t be watching,…. but Louie Spence?? FML


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