Alesha Dixon leaves BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing…but who will replace her?

Simply put, we don’t know the answer to that. But the Twittersphere has reacted to the news in a triumphant manner (mostly) and the book is set on who is to replace Miss Dixon!

Clearly we feel it will be and should be a woman, before the show plunges into a sexism row to sit side-by-side with the past ageism row.  But, the question is, whom shall take Alesha’s seat and overactive 10 paddle?

And, as for the men…

It’s a long wait until June to find out the actual new panel, but we can have a bit of fun. The Britain’s [hasn’t] Got Talent line-up is released later tonight. I think we can work this one out. Confirmed. She has deflected and crossed the shop floor.

Natasha x


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  1. Everyone seems to think that, if someone is offered it, they would automatically want it.
    Karen Hardy has a fine career away from Strictly, and a nice little earner doing ITT and the Saturday show. She has a young family and a new (comparatively) and very successful studio business to run. Why would she want to be a judge??

    Kristi Boyce would be good – BUT she also has a young family, a Studio, a successful career, etc.

    All very interesting.

    First and foremost, though – the alleged Spawn of Satan (to read some of the comments) that is Moira Ross has now left – and there will be a completely new Exec Producer in next season – a new EP who will want more than anything to stamp their own mark on the next series.



  2. Maybe we might now not get a 10 until one is actually deserved… 😉


  3. deborah molyneaux

    No one has mentioned Cheryl Cole as a judge , bbc would love her i reckon .xx


  4. Would love Kristi to do it but she would lose out on too much competitive wise!


  5. I would be satisfied with any of the top 4 🙂 I think I would prefer Erin or Lilia over Karen, but that’s just preference. Would be so funny if cheryl cole did it.
    Who do you want it to be Natasha?


  6. Amazing Tasha. Think Karen Hardy will replace Alesha Dixon. She knows what she is talking about .


  7. I think Alesha is more fitting for strictly come dancing but I guess we’ll see how good she is on Britain’s Got Talent.


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