Strictly Come Dancing Results – I need a final place a place is what I need…

Hi allllll!!!

So last night was our sizzling semi-final! And now, sadly, 2 COUPLES must leave us in tonight’s show! None of them want to miss out of the final next week. But two of them must. Sad smile

The show is the last results show of the series and promises giggles and dancing. And Tess dressed like a Christmas Cracker. Aloe Blacc performs as do the Military Wives. And the death of Lens Lens. MUSIC TO MY EARS. 11 weeks too late though…

Professional opener

Awesome song. Psychedelic dudeeeee. PEACE. Sorry I’ll shut up. What weird costumes for Aliona, Ola and Kristina there! Quite a good opener really…no specific genre for the dance! Went together really well! Loved it!

Aloe Blacc

WHAT A SONG. But I prefer pounds? Ah that explains Brendan’s stupid hat. It doesn’t look good but it oddly suits the dance?

IN THE FINAL: Chelsee and Pasha and Harry and Aliona

Finalist chat

They’re happy. What a surprise! ;/

Showdance by somebody and somebody I missed the names of

Gymnastics time again! I groaned when I saw this be introduced. Load of rubbish. I mean, they are uber talented by it is just throwing each other about and not the showdances I want to see!

Lens Lens. The good news is, he had another eye test and Len doesn’t need contact lens anymore.

The last. Thank god. Please do not come back this year. Let us confiscate the camera. And nice to see Ruth on camera. Bruno whacking Alesha. Craig hating on James. Len singing. Alesha cackling. A failed high-5.

It’s trending on Twitter bizarrely.

Gareth Malone and the Military Wives Choir

Truly amazing. So emotional. Heart-breaking. Let us take a moment to remember all those lost and all those fighting for our country. But was it necessary to have a professional dance…?


Meaning Alex and James and Holly and Artem are out of the competition. Expected Alex but not too happy about Holly.

Next week is THE GRAND FINAL and it’s off up North for the show. I won’t be covering because I have prior engagements but shall be around on the Sunday to review. But for Jason, Chelsee and Harry the nerves continue and one will lift the trophy for 2011.

Until then, keep voting in my poll and commenting.

Natasha x


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  1. Good final 3 for the Strictly final: Harry, Chelsee & Jason. Well done to everyone on an excellent series (have LOVED Len’s Lens) 🙂 SCD


  2. Good blogging. What is it about chelsee that makes you not want her through?


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