Strictly Come Dancing – A date with double dancing!

Brrrrr! Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeetings!

Well and truly been attacked by the winter gremlins this week! Hurricanes, snowfall and freezing our little tootsies off. I’m currently blogging in a blanket and wishing it was the middle of summer. Not even Bruce’s smile is warming me up. Hark. I wonder who is sitting in my seat from last week. I LOVED last weeks – it was so amazing – but I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to go every week.

So it’s SEMI-FINAL week which is as much scary as it is exciting. This series has flown. This YEAR has flown! It’s scary really. This is our last week at Wood Lane and possibly the last EVER Strictly at Wood Lane considering the building is being sold and everything uprooted to MediaCity or SteadyMedia or something like that over in Salford, Greater Manchester. Not that I can see that working. At all. But hey! Unless one of my readers fancies helping me buy TVC we’re pretty much screwed. Or they see sense and use another London studios but I am not sure Pinewood would have us and Fountain is out of bounds due to X Factor – whatever that is Winking smile

So here’s to the show. Here’s to the dancing. Here’s to a great night. Let’s get on with it. I’d like to see Harry, Holly and Jason in next weeks final! I really feel Harry might be a given.

TESS LEG UPDATE: Not straight. Not even half way up. Dress is too tight and monstrous…

Looks like Dougie, Danny and Tom are there! I hated that Dougie was in the jungle as I would have loved to chat with him over Danny! But Danny was lovely anyhow. I don’t recognise the person behind in that famous seat Smile with tongue out

Harry Judd and Aliona Vilani – Charleston

These VT’s are getting on my nerves…they really are. Have high hopes for this as with all of Harry’s dancing! Not sure on the story here but okay I get the song. It was really good though of course although Harry isn’t going to be winning any Oscars for acting anytime soon. Liked the steps but not sure I really felt the dance as a whole? But it the content was perfectly executed and overall it was a high standard. I just didn’t like it. Bring on the ballroom!

My score: 8

Clearly we are running late tonight as only Len was asked.

Judges scores = Craig 9 Len 10 Alesha 10 Bruno 10 = 39/40

Alex Jones and James Jordan – Waltz

Maybe they should cut the crap with the VT’s if they are running late…just a thought? Praying for a clean dance without a wardrobe malfunction this week so she will stop beating herself up! All looked a bit laboured to me or maybe I’m just not with it tonight? I just felt she looked a bit dragged around by James. But, her own section was beautiful and her turns were impeccable. I just didn’t like that one either. What is wrong with me?

My score: 8

Judges scores = Craig 7 Len 9 Alesha 9 Bruno 9 = 34/40

Chelsee Healey and Pasha Kovalev – American Smooth

UGH. VT-GATE! GO AWAY! A traditional AS for once devoid of stupid props, horrid costumes and weird out-of-genre moves. Chelsee hitting some lovely lines and moving about ever so gracefully – the two of them are dancing as one and THAT, my friends, is dancing. I really loved it. Beautiful.

My score: 10

Judges scores = Craig 8 Len 9 Alesha 10 Bruno 9 = 36/40

Holly Valance and Artem Chigvintsev – Argentine Tango

Holly the saboteur. Brilliant. I’d be good at that job. Now can we see some dancing? Return of the props I see but at least it kind of works. I said kind of. Very clever choreography from Artem with all of the AT requirements in there. Holly is classy and exquisite – it was fantastic. Probably the best AT this series. The dancing, the portrayal, the story….fantastic. Really suited her!

My score: 10

Judges scores = Craig  9 Len 9 Alesha 9 Bruno 9 = 36/40

I felt that was undermarked. Shocked at the lack of 10s.

Jason Donovan and Kristina Rihanoff – Samba

The last of the terrible VTs – one can hope. Jason nearly went flying down the stairs – touché mate. Excellent Samba rolls and movement around the floor. Love Jason’s facial expressions here; he is having a ball! It really annoys me that they all do the skirt move but that is just personal taste! I think he may have gone a little off time here and there but a real feel good song and a feel good dance to go with it. This is the death dance though.

My score: 9

Judges scores = Craig 8 Len 9 Alesha 9 Bruno 8 = 34/40

That is the first round over! And my backside is numb. Of course the halfway point means a stupid VT. I’ll use this moment of fluff to state that I am very confused by the bizarre scoring tonight…

Oh god that was daft. On with the show. The next phase: waking up the sleeping audiences.

Harry Judd and Aliona Vilani – Viennese Waltz

Love the song. Love her dress. Love the dance. Elegant movement around the floor; fluid and graceful. Harry could maybe look a bit happier though! Traditional dance and beautiful to watch. That was wonderful – much better than the Latin faux pas earlier! This is what Strictly is all about. Also, 2 out of 2 for no props…very proud of Aliona. Winking smile

Aliona has a very orange back.

My score: 10

Judges scores = Craig 9 Len 10 Alesha 10 Bruno 10 = 39/40

Alex Jones and James Jordan – Salsa

Did Bruce just say ‘Aled Jones’? I heard that. And apparently Twitter did as well! Messy looking lift there and Alex looked positively petrified running into it! Lovely to see the other side of Alex – the fun and jumpy side of her. But at times she let go too much and looked a little messy and disco-y. But it was energy filled and was a Salsa. Just Salsa isn’t for her although she really tried. It was good to watch, amazing, but she isn’t final material.

My score: 8

Judges scores = Craig 7 Len 8 Alesha 8 Bruno 8 = 31/40

Chelsee Healey and Pasha Kovalev – Paso Doble

Starting to look a little like the flamenco here and took a while to actually get into hold, dance and then come out of hold. What dancing there was was perfect as to Chelsee standard and you could feel the tension and aggression throughout. It wasn’t;t the best Paso of the series but it was something special! Think there was a wardrobe malfunction as well but never mind!

My score: 9

Judges scores = Craig 10 Len 10 Alesha 10 Bruno 10 = 40/40. Our first full house! No comment.

Holly Valance and Artem Chigvintsev – Charleston

BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! SOOOOOONGGGGG! Did Natalie and Vincent use it? Didn’t seem fast enough for a Charleston though! Great kicks and flicks – very sharp – but there wasn’t many of them! It was modern and the Charleston is one of the dances I prefer to be traditional. Still, I was entertained and loved it! (I’m a postmodernist Winking smile) I just hope it wasn’t a risk that costs their final place.

My score: 9

Think Craig saw Holly’s vegimite tweet!

Judges scores = Craig 8 Len 8 Alesha 9 Bruno 9 = 34/40.

Jason Donovan and Kristina Rihanoff – Argentine Tango

Impressive start – well choreographed with the music! Jason looks funny when trying to be seductive yet he is making an effort to curb his awful facial expressions for once. Felt the real explosion of the passion there in that! Jason storming about like there is no tomorrow! Controlling Kristina. Owning her. Brilliant. Has to be my new favourite Argentine Tango of the series! Maybe second best ever. Next to Ramps!

My score: 10

Judges scores = Craig 10 Len 10 Alesha 10 Bruno 10 = 40/40. WELL DESERVED!

What a fantastic Semi-Final! I think Alex and Chelsee need to go tonight, for me, but I fear for Holly! Time to vote…

I don’t get the ‘I would love to get to Blackpool’ VT as none of the 5 were going to turn around and say ‘well actually, I don’t want to get to the final…nah’ – seems a little stupid really. Polyfiller.

Tomorrow at 6.55pm we shall find out the 3 finalists who will be getting to wow us in Blackpool next week! Well, probably know before thanks to the grapevine but shush Winking smile

I shall see you tomorrow for the grand reveal and sad goodbye.

Until then,

Natasha x


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  1. I want Chelsee to stay .Hated Jason’s AT he didnt do anything apart from a very strange morris dancing move. Harry Chelsee and Holly for my final .


  2. A wonderful write up, much appreicated if like me, you aren’t able to watch the show live. Thank you very much for putting the scores on, it really does help us know what has gone on 🙂


  3. My perfect final 3 would be: Chelsee (x 1 million), Jason and Holly. I just think Harry is too smug but he doesn’t let it come across. For example, everytime Bruce says “Our next couple is Harry Judd and his etc…” he ALWAYS raises his eyebrows as if to say “Yeah it’s me”. Also when he got the first 10 (for the waltz) he said backstage “Was that the first 10?” – as if he didn’t know. Grrrrr he irritates me – and WILL HE PULL HIS TROUSERS UP WHEN HE TRAINS; not everyone wants to see his pants.
    As far as Alex & James are concerned, she doesn’t deserve to be in the final and neither does James based on his behaviour – always seeking the limelight and attention.
    Do you think my comments are fair?


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