Strictly Come Dancing Results – And that’s a wrap!

…but for whom?

Welcome back to my blog and this is officially the weirdest blog post I will ever do because I know the order of the show and everything that happens!

I can tell you that is will be an amazing show with 2 professional numbers (or 4 if you were in the studio…one of the Charleston and 3 of the ‘Foxtrotty-come-Quicksteppy dance’ as Miss Boag called it when she spoke to us!) Plus a performance from some women moving about on the floor in black and the fantastic ALFIE BOE! (again, who I saw about 4 times) – his voice is amazing. It really will send shivers down your spine. And then you can just imagine Bruno doing a mime act of ‘Live and Let Die’ because it did happen on his way up to the Claudia pit! Also look out for Rob the camera man who controls Lens Lens tonight! I am excited to see the results show put together because it is filmed in sections and sometimes Claudia carried on talking or someone was saying something but you didn’t actually know whether they were recording or not. AND CLAUDIA WASN’T IN BLACK.

After a truly fantastic and high-scoring night last night it is going to be hard to let one go – but one must and the decision has been made. So who will it be?

Look out for me! You won’t see me I don’t think.

Opening Charleston

Before floor manager Alan called to start rolling for this, James was beeping the rather decrepit horn on that poor old looking car thing. But as for the dance, it was amazing. I love the Charleston because of the pure essence of the dance – it’s fun and quirky and a pleasure to watch. But it is clear that, as an audience, we couldn’t clap in time! Brilliant storytelling through this. Laughed at James the whole way through.

After this was filmed, Stu noticed the box of some unknown 29p Blackcurrant Juice (yes, we pay license fee for what? Certainly not refreshments!) and THERE IS WAS! ON THE STEP!We didn’t re-record so was wondering if it was there or not! I will get a screen grab when I can. Ha it featured a few times!

Unknown Blackcurrant juice cameo

Just before this was announced, the red lights were being tested and they chose Holly to test it on who was scared witless it was her! It was just a practice and they then tested every spotlight.

Saved: Alex and James and Chelsee and Pasha.

Potential elimination alert: Jason and Kristina (cue massive massive gasp!)

Alfie Boe

I loved this medley because it had three awesome songs, he has a brilliant voice and the style of music is unreal. We filmed this 3 times because the first time was a practice, the second we all clapped through and this lead us on to the third time because we apparently clapped so loudly that we drowned out the violinists.

I told you it was a randomly choreographed dance. Nothing to enhance the dance. At all. Should have been an Anton and Erin dance. But that is later at least.


This was Rob’s moment. Even live this was still annoying and pointless. Trying to think of funny bloopers during this but sadly there wasn’t any. It was funny though. Especially Len – YOU GO GIRL.

Saved: Harry and Aliona and Holly and Artem

Potential elimination alert: Robbie and Ola. (We weren’t shocked but still sad!)

Profession Foxtrot/Quickstep

This is fantastic. So traditional and so immaculate. Saw this three times because of Brendan restarting the record and two obviously for the angles (and the fact that my side of the audience stood up at the end of section 2). After Brendan stopped the first, Vincent and Anton danced together. But this is what Strictly is all about – just wish more dances were like this. So lovely to watch. One of the best of the series. Vincent and Flavia were SO fast I was in awe! At the end of the millionaire bit you can understand why we all got up and thought it was over? We buggered that up so we filmed it again.

Chat with the bottom 2

Robbie went NO. And then they cut off his interview and Jason pushed Claudia over into Robbie. Refilm!

Just wanted to hug Kristina who was in bits. Joe flinched like he wanted to run up and hug her. Felt so sorry for her but what a mensch Robbie is.


Obviously they are devastated but Robbie seems alright about it against Jason. It was the correct result however much it hurts!

Next week is SEMI-FINAL week…this series has gone scarily fast! The year has for that matter!

I shall see you on Saturday! (I swear there was a Friday show somewhere? Obviously not)

Natasha x


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