Strictly Come Dancing – Gathering those cinema tickets…

Hello there!

Last night dazzled us but sadly the game is up for one poor soul and they will not be visiting moo-vie week next week. I know, this means THEME alert BECAUSEWEJUSTCANTLIVEWITHOUTTHEM for the sheer reason we survived a week without props overload this week and last.

So we have Cee Lo Green and Anton and Erin dancing! Presumably not together? Maybe. Not sure. And Len’s dropped-his-contact Lens.

Professional opener:

So stupid that they showed them all yesterday dressed up and now in this dance. Shows it isn’t live Smile with tongue out Not that anybody still believed it was. ADELE DANCE ❤ KATYA ❤ BRENDAN ❤ Like the black and white contrast…the Quickstep/Foxtrot feel of it and TRADITIONAL floorcraft! Even if Kat is wearing net curtains. Brilliant dance – up there with the greats. Although the best two couple is still Kat/Brendan and Ali/Matt Roxtrot!

Saved: Harry and Aliona, Chelsee and Pasha and Jason and Kristina

Potential elimination alert: Holly and Artem

Cee-Lo Green

I see he has brought his own dancers – golden rule breached. I’m not a fan. Been squeaky.

Len’s Lens *shudder*

I’m going to smash this machine if I ever go to the Studio. But praise the lord for no more Grant faces! This bit actually makes me want to quit paying my license fee – gahhhhh. Somebody has cut Alesha’s dress open…

Saved: Alex and James and Robbie and Ola

Potential elimination alert: Anita and Brendan

Erin and Anton

This is heaven.

Eliminated tonight is ANITA AND BRENDAN

Which is a shame because I personally thought Robbie Savage was next to go. And then Anita. We have been deprived of watching an amazing actress in MOVIE week. Shame. But she has really embraced the show as a whole and been an amazing participant. Loved watching her grow into a dancer. Just a shame she went out with Brendan not Robin by her side.

But, as for us, our journey still continues into the cinema next week. Quarter finals already – first December show! I shall see you on SUNDAY as all being well I shall be busy next Saturday night 😉

Natasha x


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  1. I feel particularly sorry for Brendan as it must be very hard to go out when you are standing in for someone.

    loved the pro dances wish id seen those


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