Strictly Come Dancing Results – The relegation

Hi guys!

Last nights Wembley spectacular saw flying men, giant clocks and some rouge balloons but tonight one must leave the competition forever – and we are about to find out. But not until we have nearly gauged our eyes out watching fluffy rubbish and listening to some musical acts as well as staring in awe at a Beatles pro-dance (dance to the Beatles…not the boys themselves…)

The Beatles Opener

Again, the stage is way too big to be able to actually watch it all! And it is just all too….bity. Like, into sections with annoying pauses in between. Should have left Russ, Robbie, Jase and the other one up at the top really. I’m guessing it’s Harry because he’s the other boy in the competition. Love the crossing enactment. Craig really going for it there! I love watching Craig dance – he was fantastic on tour last year!

Okay, maybe stop clapping and cheering so we can hear Claudia and Tess?

Saved: Anita and Robin, Robbie and Ola and Alex and James.

Potential elimination alert: Russell and Flavia.

James Morrison and Jessie J

I love Jessie but not so much James. I can never understand what he is singing about. Is that just me? Pretty boring song. Pretty boring performance. Moving on.

Lens spectacles clarifying Bruno being a nutcase

8 weeks in and I still don’t see any point in this section. No comment.

Saved: Chelsee and Pasha, Harry and Aliona and Jason and Kristina

Potential elimination alert: Holly and Artem (Voters clearly preferred Brendan)

Il Divo

Boring. Music acts have been baddies tonight. But Will Young still holds the title as worse this series. Anton and Erin would have made that so much better.

Yes, it is time to say goodbye. You’re right. So goodbye!


Aww, it’s going to be certainly less entertaining without ‘The Grant’ and I am sure many will be devastated at his exit. But, realistically, he was the worst for dancing tonight and it is a competition. So, time to go. Sad but true. Hope he keeps tweeting with us though!

Back home in TVC next week with the top 7 couples! But 7 must become 6 and we have a duty to evict the weakest.

I’ll see you at 7pm next week!

Natasha x


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  1. Great post!
    I actually don’t like Jessie J at all, I prefer James Morrison haha. I would love to see a professional cha cha cha opening or quickstep opening for once, wouldn’t you?


  2. Again, loving your writing Natasha. Your blog has now become part of my Strictly experience. I loved Russell but it was very much his time to go. A dignified exit (we’ve seen how the judges can turn on the non-dancers in the last few weeks) and a standing ovation from 6000 people can’t be a bad way to end the Strictly adventure.

    The music was utterly dreadful tonight – the show was in Wembley Arena and the chance to do something really large scale with the music was lost.

    Overall, I liked the Wembley experiment. It added much needed variation to the format and a different challenge to the dancers. It was by no means perfect (the sound mix jarred with me again) but I would like to see it again next year.

    My loyalties have now switched from Russell to Chelsee & Pasha – will be interesting to see if she can continue the growth spurt… 🙂


  3. I loved il Divo, but they were singing one of my favourite songs of all time, so as long as they didn’t murder it, I was always going to love it 😛

    I think the stadium show idea didn’t really transferred to the TV very well either. I’m sure the atmosphere in there was electric, but leave it for the tour. Saying that, I am again looking forward to the tour after seeing this 🙂

    Result was right. Much as I love Russell and Flavia, it was time to go. He was so gracious in his defeat though, what an absolute star!


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