Strictly Come Dancing Results – One’s not on their way to Wembley…


I hope you lot know the tune for the title (Spurs are on their way to Wembley) or it will just be a fail of a title! I’m trying to think of the rest of the song along with the mother and father.

‘One’s not on their way to Wembley, They will not be dancing again, They won’t be lifting the crystal ball that’s glistening and staying at Wood Lane!’

Like it? Hehe. Special Remembrance day dances I think – honourable touch.

Professional dancers

Ola, Kat and Flav! James, Pasha and Vincent! I was a cheerleader in Year 3 for Purim (look it up Smile with tongue out) and I had an outfit much like Katya’s actually. Nice lindyhop/jive theme – very poppy and perky. Jitterbug is the word!


Yes, because I’ve completely forgotten 22 hours ago.

Saved: Robbie and Ola, Chelsee and Pasha, Jason and Kristina and Holly and Brendan.

Potential elimination alert: Audley and Natalie

I don’t like it when Tess says ‘learn your fate’…makes it sound like life or death.

Christina Perri

IT’S THOSE CANDLES AGAIN. Jesus, those candles get more appearance time than Erin and Anton. I hate this song – it’s so whiney. Beautiful dance from Kristina and Robin though.

Len’s Lens – oh no

OH NO. Time to stare at more faces. And listening to Audley moo’ing. Seems like it is going on forever tonight. Even the audience on the balcony look bored.

Saved: Harry and Aliona, Russell and Flavia (what a mesuganah) and Alex and James.

Potential elimination alert: Anita and Robin

Vincent and Flavia hit Silence in the Square

Great honour for them to dance at this. Lovely and moving performance from what we can see

Erin and Anton with Andre Rieu

Perfect, can’t think of a more fitting occasion for them! Elegant as always – I love Erin and Anton so much!

And….AUDLEY AND NATALIE won’t be going to Wembley! Jubilee line it is…fire up the oyster card. It was his time to go – he admirably admits that. He’s been brilliant though;’ we all wrote him off after the launch show but he has been a real asset to the show and an example of what it is all about.

As for you and I, we shall be reconvening next week for a special Wembley (did you know?) show in aid of Children in Need (Pudsey to dance with Craig please!)

Thank you for reading!

Natasha x


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  1. can we stick len’s lens where his walnuts don’t shine please?!

    too much filler!!!

    the right couple went, eventually, very long show

    whats with all the tea lights?

    plus the andrex puppy phoned he said can you ask alesha for his loo roll back



  2. Great post. Was kinda hoping it would have been Alex and James in the bottom 2 not Anita and Robin – James is, like last series, really annoying me for a few reasons: He can be rude, he can be unreasonable with the judges, he acts like he is the head professional danccer, he acts like everyone thinks he is so funny etc I could go on – what do you think?
    I hope Chelsee gets more 10s next week!


  3. Also, congrats! Blog visits: 8,199!


  4. Very witty as usual.


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