Strictly Come Dancing – Overuse of the ‘W’ word!

Hello gang and welcome back to my blog.

Tonight is the week before Wembley and all the couples (I sound like I’m telling a story here…) are nervously hoping they will be waltzing to Wembley next week. And it is up to us to decide who gets there or not!

Note to the reader, who probably already knows, that Artem is out tonight with a fractured spine – and god knows why or HOW he danced last week but anyway under doctors (and twitters!) orders he is sidelined tonight plonking Holly in the trusted hands of recently eliminated Brendan Cole for tonight’s Rumba and, personally I think, the rest of the series.

I personally think that the Argentine Tango is rearing its head a little too early in the competition – for me it belongs in the Quarter Finals along with the Charleston. But, que sera and the BBC don’t tend to take my views into account. Wrong show there voiceover man Winking smile

TESS LEG UPDATE: Not straight. Hook shape in fact. And she looks like a Christmas cracker…why does she need the belt anyway? ;/ Her poppy should be in a different place so we can see it.

Alex Jones and James Jordan – Jive

They look ridiculous. Punishment for James mouthing off a few weeks back. She isn’t actually that bad. Strong kicks and flicks and nice movement around the floor. Not sure about that little weird low key section in the middle though. Alex has grown so much with her Latin and her confidence – I guess what the show is about. Bravo.

My score: 7

Judges scores = Craig 7, Len 8, Alesha 8, Bruno 8 = 31/40

Robbie Savage and Ola Jordan – American Smooth

I’m scared Ola will be dropped here. I thought we’d banned stairs. Mehh stairs and dolls so far! The prequel to guys and dolls yes. Good posture once again albeit a little stiff. Looks like his neck might fall off though the way he is craning it. Well, I know lifts are allowed in the AS but he just seemed to swing her about? Or was that just me? I mean, it could have been a lot a lot worse but it wasn’t my favourite.

My score: 6

Judges scores = Craig 7, Len 8, Alesha 8, Bruno 8 = 31/40

Audley Harrison and Natalie Lowe – Cha Cha Cha

I’ve seen that outfit…the tour last year! The promo shots! Short straw again for Audley because he doesn’t exactly have much rhythm nor does he have the footwork down to a tee. But it wasn’t too horrible. Okay, it was a little awful actually. Little messy. Oops. But I’ve seen worse! Tube train for Audley.

My score: 5

Judges scores = Craig 3, Len 6, Alesha 6, Bruno 5 = 20/40

Harry Judd and Aliona Vilani – Argentine Tango

Sick of these useless and irrelevant VTs! And, well, at least she actually picked AT music! Yay! Take the Lead music! Reminds me of Katya’s film. It was a really good AT – had everything in it that was needed but they looked too happy for the AT. Still, it showed real promise and I actually enjoyed it. Best dance to date I think – more choreography this good please.

My score: 9

Judges scores = Craig 9, Len 8, Alesha 10, Bruno 10 = 37/40

Jason Donovan and Kristina Rihanoff – Viennese Waltz

Another pointless VT from them. Ughhh. Kristina is a very skilled choreographer and works to the best of Jason’s high ability. He’s hitting some lovely lines as per and they two of them are moving elegantly as one around the floor. Nice ending, I like the fact it started and ended in the same position. Liiiiiift.

My score: 9

I’m sorry but Craig doesn’t contest Len’s opinions so why does Len insist on battering Craig all the time?!

Judges scores = Craig 8, Len 9, Alesha 9, Bruno 9 = 35/40

POINTLESS VT FLUFF ALERT: I AM SICK OF THIS WEMBLEY BUSINESS! It Takes Two is going to be a mess this week. ugh.

Chelsee Healey and Pasha Kovalev – Foxtrot

I’m sorry, but she looks awful. Which is a shame, because she is stunning. Aw I love these two – they’re so cute together! Lovely lines from Chelsee, terrible singing from the band and such a graceful move around the floor. Fluid and perfect to watch. She is gold. But that silly spin was random.

My score: 9

Judges scores = Craig 9, Len 8, Alesha 10, Bruno 9 = 36/40

Anita Dobson and Robin Windsor – Argentine Tango

AHHH VT’S. AHHHHH. Wow she looks different! That chair start made her look so much younger! She has the mood captured perfectly. Some good choreography here from Robin – not too complex but yet incorporating all of what was needed. I enjoyed it.

My score: 8

Judges scores = Craig 7, Len 9, Alesha 8, Bruno 9 = 33/40

Holly Valance and Brendan Cole – Rumba

Oooh, this feels weird! He shouldn’t have danced last week – he’s lucky he didn’t make it a lot worse. A spinal injury like that can leave him paralysed if he doesn’t rest up and leave it to somebody else. Soft, pink and fluffy to be honest! We know I don’t like the rumba anyway but at least this one was intimate yet comfortable to watch. Nice storytelling as well and I felt some sort of connection given its been 4 days or so…

My score: 7

Judges scores = Craig 8, Len 8, Alesha 9, Bruno 9 = 34/40

Russell Grant and Flavia Cacace – American Smooth

I am what I ammmmmmmmmmmmm *sings*. Why isn’t a woman signing this? This is awful. Full of procrastination! Alright Russ, time to go now. It wasn’t really an AS but it had parts about it – erm ish. It wasn’t very technically good but….but that was entertainment. But, alas enough of that.

My score: 5

Judges scores = Craig 5, Len 7, Alesha 7, Bruno 7 = 26/40

And that wraps up tonight’s show! So now we must save our favourites and one must go.

I’ll see you tomorrow where one couple won’t be reaching Wembley.

Thank you for reading!

Natasha x


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  1. the VTs are doing my head in! it used to be about training so we had an idea what was going on grrrrrr!

    the marking is bizarre, can we take Alesha’s 10 paddle away and hit her over the head with it?

    why was tess dressed as a Christmas tree?

    I am going to Wembley next week i know who i dont want to see there lets see what happens


  2. Very witty this week as usual


  3. Once again, difficult to argue with anything you’ve said Natasha – great blog and really in tune with the feelings of long term fans of the show. I do think Audley has probably had his time, although we are now at the stage where anyone in the middle could also be in danger.

    They do tend to like to hammer a theme don’t they – Halloween special, Wembley special – I remember when this show used to be about the dancing! That said, I loved the Blackpool idea because there is lots of dancing heritage there!

    Those “comedy” VTs must go – why not just tell us how the training went instead!!! Ah well, despite my grumps, still some amazing dancing. Chelsee is on an amazing upwards curve and she could be a dark horse!

    Many thanks Natasha and look forward to the next blog 🙂


  4. Fantastic blog Tasha.Is it ok to say that apart from entertainment I would like Russell to go after the W word.


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