Strictly Come Dancing Results – Fire away!

Hello once again!

Can you all still hear?! After last night in my area I have permanent banging in my ear. Good heavens it was loud – not helped by the fact that 3 massive firework displays decided to go off at different times but around the same time nonetheless. My poor ears. And heart. Made me jump!

Anyway, last night the remaining 10 danced for us in a bid to stay in the competition – and now they shall become 9 as one cracker drops out of the show; it’s going to be a tough call.battle-of-the-sexes And if that isn’t exciting enough, we have the battle of the sexes and the boys and the girls take to the floor in two professional numbers! But the only tiny amendment is that So You Think You Can Dance UK winner Matt Flint will be replacing Artem in the Boys number as Artem is out with an injury after bravely performing last night. But Matt’s awesome too. The only down side is Westlife are performing – albeit it will be the last time they ever ‘sing’ together on a show (one can hope). Yeah, I’m not a fan.

Girls professional number

I see the clothes are plentiful. I bloody hate this song. And this is Aliona’s choreography I believe. The best part about this has to be Katya being up front! She runs my world! I…can’t comment. I just. Can’t. I hated it. But I loved it. What is that all about? What even was that? And Erin was missing from that wasn’t she? Maybe her and Anton are dancing to Westlife.

Saved: Anita and Robin, Holly and Artem, Russell and Flavia and Harry and Aliona

Potential elimination alert: Audley and Natalie


See I do like this song, but just not them. And not live. What have they done to the floor? I WANT ERIN AND ANTON. I fear Erin has been conned this week! Do you think they had the candles stashed away from Annie Lennox last year? This is why they normally mime…they can’t really sing all that well.

Jen’s….Len? Gem? Jen? Lens? What?

Yeah, load of rubbish. This is just basically faces. I don’t need this. I don’t want this!


Sir Bruce Forsyth

He has a cracking voice and great moves – nobody can take that away for him. I just don’t see the point in this? And they argue there isn’t time for the dance-off…

Surely this belongs in the final? Hmm…YAY ITS MY TWO GIRLS! KATYA AND ERIN! Looking beautiful. And I was beginning to think they had locked Erin in a cupboard or something.

And I repeat, what the hell is Alesha wearing? Well trying to wear.

Saved: Alex and James, Chelsee and Pasha, Robbie and Ola and Jason and Kristina

Potential elimination alert: Lulu and Brendan

Boys showcase minus Artem plus Matt Flint

Seen a lot of madness on twitter that it should have been Ian Waite or Matt Cutler doing this but I only assume that Matt choreographed this so knows it well enough to step in last minute when Artem realised he couldn’t dance any longer tonight/last night. Matt is gorgeous. Fancied him since the first audition of SYTYCD! They are all so gorgeous.

No Anton? What have they done with him now? Same cupboard as Erin? Oh, and where was Vincent? Must be a big cupboard.

Eliminated this week…


Ugh. Going to miss them! Probably should have been Audley but it was either him this week…or next now that Lulu is out. Oh it is a shame now. That’s my favourite 3 professionals out. I am losing it with this show this year.  Brendan looks distraught!

As for me, I’ll be here next week as well blogging for you as Len comes back and the remaining 9 dance with some props and no doubts make me livid again.

But until then,


Natasha x


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  1. Oh what a lod of faff and nothingness that was forget len or jen’s lens and lets have Karen Cam next year thank you

    Westlife you cant sing please stop now


  2. Love IT. Jens Lens??? I mean Seriously! Pointless faffing! The stuff about the cupboard made me Laugh! Must’ve locked them in… 😛
    Love this! 🙂


  3. Great blog again Natasha 🙂 Not surprised to see Lulu go. She was never going to win and similar to Audley, probably only had another week anyway. But, I enjoyed her and I’ll miss her

    I got to say, one of the brilliant things about Strictly is that, even when the show itself is a bit disappointing, we can get together and talk about it in a place like this. Your comments are always interesting and worth reading – so please… keeeeeeeep writing 🙂


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