Strictly Come Dancing Results – The nail in the coffin..

Beep Beep. Mwahaha.

Broomsticks at the ready to see one couple exit the competition – and this week is the turning point for the GBP as we seem to have seen SENSE. Or maybe the dance was just too scary to find funny….honestly, I had a nightmare about it. And if you’re reading this as a recap of the show then I am sorry for spoiling the result at the start – implicitly anyway Winking smile …and yes, I have been ‘Beep Beeping’ all day in vague attempt to claim the taxi joke.

So last night spooked us all as we saw wardrobe gaffes (poor Chels!), X-Rated moves (Robbie!), drawn out VT’s (Jason and the ghosts (the tribute band to Jerry and The Pacemakers)) and the downright scarily awful (Nancy and Anton…). Oh yes, and some dancing. But tonight in the witching hour (well, 35 minutes) another couple will fly out of the competition for good. But who will it be? And of course, apart from the result, there is a performance from The Wanted (*shudders*…) and a couple of spooktacular professional dances for us to gawp at!mousy

As well as Claudia Winkleman’s dress sense actually fitting in with the show for once. Did anybody read the rodent story in the Sunday Express this morning? I bet that’s cheesing some contestants off. Isn’t he cute? —>

Professional opener

Gimmick alert! But sexy costumes for the girls and nerdy chic for the boys! Look at those braces! OMG THIS CAME ON MY ITUNES EARLIER AND I THOUGHT THIS WOULD MAKE AN EXCELLENT DANCE! I have a sixth sense Winking smile I really don’t like Ola’s hair – what is living in there? Katya, Kristina and Aliona have normal hair! What can I say? Brilliant as usual. And fantastic little trick there with the judges switchover. S p o o k y…(not, it’s called pre-record)

Oh it’s the dead parrot Alesha wore the other day…around Tess’s waist…with a few feathers stuck to it…

Saved:Lulu and Brendan, Alex and James, Jason and Kristina, Holly and Artem and Chelsee and Pasha

Potential elimination alert: Audley and Natalie. He has size 17 feet, did you know?

The Wanted

I really didn’t enjoy their performance at So You Think You Can Dance – partly because it was recorded 4 times before they got it right and partly because, well, it’s The Wanted. Skantily clad professional girls dancing – no they’re not ours. It took me some time to work this out. And is it me or do ALL their songs sound the same?

Len’s Contact Lense and the judges spiel

Everybody on Twitter is warming to this part – not me! I’ve zoned out. Loving Len’s little nose wiggle. I just tried. Can’t do it. And I haven’t got 14 seconds whilst live blogging! Alesha’s reaction shown had to be to Nancy being lifted right? Or maybe when she first got out of the coffin. I would say ‘emerged’ but that signifies grace…

I still am not a fan of the Robbie move. Grab crotch = whole new show.

Saved: Anita and Robin, Russell and Flavia, Harry and Aliona and Robbie and Ola

Potential elimination alert: Nancy and Anton (third time lucky?! and yes, really Nancy!)

Professional American Smooth

Here are the other three couples – Vincent and Flavia, Anton and Erin and Brendan and Natalie. No gimmicks and no sodding about. Hooray. Apart from the white detail on the ladies’ arms – it looks like candyfloss from a far…

Lovely American Smooth. Traditional and beautiful.

Anyway, Nancy really is delusional. It was awful love.

Eliminated is….NANCY AND ANTON! HUZZAH! I have been waiting for 20 hours now to see her face! Hahaha, goodbye Nancy! Goodbye horrible views of her lady area! Goodbye rude VT’s and interviews! I do love Anton but I am so pleased they are out. I think he is too.


Go on. Hop in. Bugger off.

And next week, we shall meet again when the 10 couples dance for our sheer enjoyment. I can’t wait. No themes. Would say no props, but that would be a lie.

And no Nancy. Brilliant. We have seen sense. And my sick bag can go away. And no Len!

Until then, keeeeeep spooking! (Bah, Halloween…yuck!)

Natasha x


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  1. Good post as usual… just got the email about this post :p
    Ahh, I will miss the anticipation of Nancy’s performance because I know she was trying really hard, I would have been upset for Audley though.
    Also, I think Harry is actually very smug about this competition. Whenever he’s told that he was good, or whenever Bruce says “Next is Harry Judd” he raises his eyebrows. And last week, backstage he said “Was that the first 10?” as if he didn’t know….

    Who do you think will be bottom of the leaderboard next week, Natasha?


    • Did you misspell your own name there? 😛

      I think that Audley will be bottom if he has another Latin certainly, if Ballroom…probably still so but close better Lulu and Audley.


      • haha I often spell my name like that by accident. I think Russel could be in the bottom 2/bottom of leaderboard next week.

        Also, completely independant knowledge/discovery of mine: Natalie has ONLY EVER been in the bottom 2 with Anton (3x) and Vincent (2x); and each time Natalie has been saved.
        Will you be trick or treating tomorrow as Craig Revel Horwood


      • I will certainly not be trick or treating because I cannot stand Halloween! At all!
        Uh oh, bad omen then now they are both gone!


  2. Very witty as usual. Well done Natasha


  3. Probably shouldn’t have read this before watching the actual show, but I knew the result anyway and I have now been forewarned as to which bits to skip. (The Wanted, for a start, and I too cannot stand the whole ‘Len’s Lense’ idea. Mainly because the man himself is getting more and more irritating.

    Much love for the taxi 😛


  4. As always, great blogging and post updates Natasha 🙂

    I have to say, I am looking forward to a more traditional strictly week too. I think the
    props are here to stay 😦 however as the pro dancers shown with the American smooth, it’s a series highlight already.. Let’s get the couples doing that. There’s been far too much overspill with gimmicks & themes.

    More dancing please 😀

    Saying the celebs get 90 seconds, done properly that can seem like 5 minutes and you just want to watch the routine over and over. Yet far too many dancers so far have been, messing around (aargh I don’t wish to sound like Len!) :s – and just time wasting and it’s either a lack of preparation or commitment. Hopefully we’ll see less and less of that now! 🙂

    Anyways that’s all for now, keep up the great blogging.. and yes.. love that taxi icon lol 😀


  5. Horrah!! No more Nancy on our screens! I’m not I’ll be putting my sick bag away just yet though, if Robbie does anymore thrusting etc. I may need it! Nancy’s face was a picture, I felt sorry for Claudia, it was so awkward when she was talking to her again about being in the bottom two :/
    I may actually be able to enjoy the whole of next weeks show now, YAY! Providing Robbie and Ola are doing ballroom…
    Love the little taxi picture haha!!


  6. Really enjoying the blog, we don’t always comment- but always read it 🙂 Keep up the good work, it’s always nice to read other people’s views without having to scroll on twitter looking for opinions in between the XFactor tweets.
    Ro and Ju.


  7. You are actually hilarious Tasha! I love this! So glad Nancy has gone & that my boy & girl are safe for another week 😀 x


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