Strictly Come Dancing Results – Departing duo numero tres


It’s time for us to say goodbye to another couple as only 11 can fight it out in the Halloween madness of next week. And a show full of pro dances with is good but sadly a lot more padding of the highest annoyance and some singer I have never even heard of but I am sure we are in for a treat – unless she sounds a cross between Bieber and One Direction with a little Cher Lloyd…

Professional opening

*hides under covers* scary start! All we needed was one to topple off the blog and that would be that. What a fabulous start to the results show! I wish I would look that good in that costume! Just beside myself watching the professionals dance – they make the show that extra bit more amazing! Fantastic! They are so overlooked sometimes though – not sure why! Best part of the show for me if I’m honest. Not that I don’t love it all Winking smile I don’t as yet have a title so I’ll play with the song!

Saved: Chelsee and Pasha, Audley and Natalie, Anita and Robin, Harry and Aliona and Lulu and Brendan

Potential elimination alert: Rory and Erin

Caro Emerald

*bounces in seat* It’s catchy I’ll give her that! And I have that dress so I automatically like her! And there’s Katya and Pasha so I LOVE IT! It is no secret that I love to watch Katya dance but I’m not about to go all fangirly. You can follow me on twitter for that! Not a bad song either! And she didn’t bring her own dancers! Yippee!

Len Lense

I’m just…not. This just needs to go onto It Takes Two! But oh the hilarious Anton’s speech! Brilliant! He looks in pain.

Halloween is a’coming

Oh bloody hell. I hate themed nights. I hate Halloween as well. This should be lovely. Test of endurance.

Saved: Russell and Flavia (you’re welcome Russ), Holly and Artem, Robbie and Ola, Jason and Kristina and Alex and James

Potential elimination alert: Nancy and Anton

Vincent and Flavia Argentine Tango

Brilliant. Superb. Stupendous.

And leaving us tonight….RORY AND ERIN.

SAY WHAT?! *grumble* Don’t agree! Yes Rory wasn’t the best this week but he was awesome last week which shows he can do it – unlike Nancy who is slowly getting worse and more irritating by the week. And poor poor Erin! My other favourite professional now gone! Going to miss Rory’s personality…

Do you agree with tonight’s result? Tell me now! Do you want the dance-off? Vote here!

Anyway, I shall see you next week when we trudge through the themed horror that is Halloween.

Natasha x


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  1. Rory was not the best tonight but he shouldn’t have gone. Who is voting for Nancy Delusional (my new name for her). Its farcical really. I knwo Anton has legions of fans but to me he doesn’t look happy and as one of Karens super fans to use that terminology even i didnt vote when she was with Gary as you could see it was just too painful.

    If people are voting for her bacuse they like car crash tv I suggest you turn to channel 5 and watch Big Brother!


  2. look i was so annoyed i made spelling mistakes – apologies x


  3. I am very sad for Erin, mostly, but I could predict the outcome (I thought that would be the result). I have to say I am warming to Nancy a bit, she does have a nice personality and seems like a great person really, I just think Anton makes a comedy out of every partner he has (apart from Laila Rouass)



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