Strictly Come Dancing Results – Broadway goes Bananas! (and kicks one off!)

Hello there and welcome to the second (and the shorter) helping of our Broadway Strictly Special. And somebody, sadly, must go. And sorry about the line filled posts – it is the only way you can vaguely follow what I am on about.

I don’t think it is much of a secret that I didn’t really enjoy last weeks results show. I think that it’s pointless and was filled with nothing but padding and procrastination. Neither of which I like very much. Although I have a first class degree in the former of the two!

Professional dance

How how the song fits my mood. ‘I want to be in America’ – well yes Strictly, is does seems like that sometimes! But I like West Side Story and I think it makes for a lovely dance. Love the dresses – they are trey cute! A lovely start to the show. Not much to say. On we plod.

Tess, we know it isn’t Sunday babe. Time for a 3 hour recap on what we saw this time last night. The good, the bad and the ugly plays across our screens again.

Audley and Natalie, Alex and James, Rory and Erin, Holly and Artem, Anita and Robin and Robbie and Ola.

Potential elimination alert: Dan and Katya (unhappy Tasha!)

Footloose performance

Again, I really have no comment on this as it is another professional thing. I can say that her voice angered me so much on the Friday It Takes Two panel but that is about it. And why are we watching this? Just go and see the film and let me get on with my life.

Lens Lens/Judges rubbish/Procrastination

WHAT IS THIS?! This is just It Takes Two fluff. I’ll take this as a moment to comment on Claudia’s ridiculously flattened hair! And the eyes! Wowza! I’ve been likened to her so many times because I wear so much black like she does! Not as pretty as her though!

Are they still talking? Shame. Moving on.

Alesha snort. Alesha laugh. Is Claudia wearing a cape?

Lulu and Brendan, Harry and Aliona, Jason and Kristina, Russell and Flavia and Chelsee and Pasha 

Potential elimination alert: Nancy and Anton (correcto!)

Susan Boyle

I love her voice! Vincent and Flavia are about offering an amazing dance to compliment SuBo singing. Flavia is wearing a curtain and Vincent seems to have lost his suit jacket and tie.


Dan Lobb and Katya Virshilas.

Completely shocked and very very upset. Crying my eyes out. So unfair. Very unjust. JOIN MY REVOLUTION!!

I can’t actually speak. Mmmm.

Anyway, I’ll still be here. See you next week.

Natasha x


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  1. Also gutted! Was crying my eyes out! 😥


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